Land Transfers for March 16 – 25

Published 3:28 pm Friday, March 26, 2021

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

March 16 – 25

Sandra C Cullom to Benny L McCoy; 186 Squire Reach; $141,000


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Heleyne L Allen to R Scott Morgan; 139 Beacon Run; $440,000

Alexander M Addison to Sean S Schmidt; 3022 Elmore Circle; $385,000

NVR Inc to Viola Chaka; 153 Declaration Lane; $498,685

Planters Station LLC to Clavin D Elmore; 101 Benthal Drive; $338,625

HHHunt Home Hampton Roads LLC to Towanda Jackson White; 135 Meadows Landing Lane; $305,130

Elizabeth L Ansel to Elizabeth L Ansel;5149 Townpoint Road; $1

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Joshua Duncan; 400 South 6th Street; $199,900

John Allen Maddrey to Daniels Construction Corp.; Glen Haven Drive; $50,000

Erin Marie Daly to Joshua Edward Tieken; 209 Reservoir Lane; $358,550

Melina Jackson to Kadie D Knight; 3661 Ferry Road; $285,500

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Anthony Brown; 2043 Herons Pointe Lane: $401,150

Benjamin Riley to Sohaib Hejja; 184 Patriots Walke Drive; $431,000

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Richard Michael Orlins; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 701; $256,485

Legacy Property Assets LLC to Carlos Holmes Cajares; 2132 Arizona Avenue; $146,000

Eddie N Moore Jr to Rajesh Lakhani; 107 Riverside Drive; $875,000

AB Homes LLC to James Christopher Anthony; 4234 Pruden Boulevard; $385,675

Akeem A Daley to Lynwood Johnson; 6004 Torrey Pines Lane; $306,000

Jacob Edward Barnes to Rachel Michael Bishop; 935 Vineyard Place; $290,000

James E Parker III to Columbia Gas of Virginia; 5860 Bennetts Creek Lane; $1

Meadows Landing Associates LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads; $87,250

HKL Investments LLC to Katelyn Caravas Borden; 2236 Lake Cohoon Road; $250,000

Rita Antis to ASAP Property Solutions LLC; 216 Katherine Street: $75,000

ASAP Property Solutions LLC to Michael Justice; 216 Katherine Street; $105,000

Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton to Tamesha Clemons; 303 South Broad St., $202,000

NVR Inc to Jermaine Mason; 326 Patriots Walke Drive; $449,080

NAVALMAR UK Ltd. to Texas Cargoways LLC; Carolina Road; $3,500,00

Kufere Usanga to Samantha L Rasmussen; 6068 Mainsail Lane; $415,500

East Coast Development Group Inc to Channel David McDaniel; $599,415

Benjamin M Bembrey to Christoper D Simons; 6411 Worchester Way; $250,000

Daniel Opipare to Christoper Michael Klutch; 7015 Porthole Place; $406,500

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Ronald Manley Sr; 131 Meadows Landing Lane; $330,912

Nancy G Daughtrey to Randal A Backman; Collins Road; $215,000

Edgardo R Pabalate to Curtis R Riley Jr; 3019 Duke of York Street 141; $303,000

Amanda N Kosko to Megan E Heath; 125 Oakdale Terrace; $228,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Lemar S Blount; 1141 White Herons Lane; $450,175

NVR Inc to Ronald Combs; 105 Victory Place; $493,355

John S Mahon III to Minerva Delva Lubin; 1735 Airport Road; $306,000

James H Durden Jr to Jeffery Kerr; 625 Babbtown Road; $417,320

Kevin L Lueders to Vinton A Feanny; 6021 Bradford Drive; $105,000

Aubrey E Warrick Jr to Marlon Cadore; 100 Civil Court; $400,000

Richard E Conner to DAM Properties LLC; 1328 Holland Road; $300,000

Kristi Martel to William M Hopkins; 608 Murphys Mill Road; $182,312

River Creek LLC to Janis P Myrick; 1649 Wilroy Road #102: $259,900

Daniels Construction Corp to Moores Pointe LLC; Prospect Road; $150,000

Elsie F Milteer to Cody Hastings; 1611 Airport Road; $75,000