Scholarship deadlines approaching

Published 4:41 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2021

To the editor:

It is an exciting time for high school seniors, and the Suffolk Education Foundation wants to add to the excitement of 16 seniors.

Every year, the Suffolk Education Foundation has $23,500 to give in scholarships. However, we often do not have applicants to give all the scholarships to, because some of our scholarships are restricted to artists, athletes and future educators. We do not always have applicants for every scholarship opportunity.


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As of the time of this letter, I am excited to share that we have nearly 80 applications in progress. It would be AMAZING if we have that many to choose from, with options in every category.

The best part for Suffolk Public School seniors is that your only competition is fellow seniors. This is a great opportunity! Applications close this Friday, April 23.

On another note, we have nearly $20,000 for our teachers in instructional grants. We have funded some amazing projects from alternative seating, alternative lighting, ukuleles and night vision cameras to name a few. We have funded from $67 to $2000 on these projects. Those opportunities close on April 30, and we currently have only 30 applications in progress. Please encourage teachers to apply for these funds.

The Suffolk Education Foundation is here for the students and staff of Suffolk Public Schools. We are excited to offer these funding opportunities. We thank the community for their support and providing the resources to allow for these funding opportunities.

For more information on scholarships, instructional grants, and supporting the Suffolk Education Foundation, please go to

Patrick Belcher,

President, Suffolk Education Foundation