Supporting Rasoul in primary

Published 4:40 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2021

To the editor:

We are fortunate to have several progressive leaning Candidates in this year’s Democratic primary for lieutenant governor. For me, an independent, I think that Delegate Sam Rasoul stands above the rest.

I was born and raised in Virginia, and I cannot help but marvel that Sam Rasoul, being Palestinian-American, has risen through practicing inclusion to such a high level of leadership. Rasoul is from Roanoke, not exactly a hotbed of progressive politics.


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He was elected in 2014 by building a broad coalition that included Virginians from all races, ethnicities and classes. His coalition building continues to this day. Indeed Rasoul kicked his campaign for lieutenant governor off in deep red far Southwest Virginia. He committed to traveling the Commonwealth on a listening tour, to find out what the people need and what they want to see get accomplished by our state government.

Sam Rasoul wants to empower women, ensure that all workers have paid family and sick leave and ensure that we all bounce back from the havoc that COVID-19 has brought to our everyday lives. A politician that is very inclusive such as Delegate Rasoul is not common in this highly charged, very partisan, political atmosphere.

Please join me in voting for Delegate Sam Rasoul in the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor, so that all Virginians will have a better chance to prosper.

In-person voting begins April 24, and the primary is June 8.


Jeff Staples