Cloggers succeed at competition

Published 7:08 pm Friday, April 23, 2021

The Peanut City Cloggers competed in the Myrtle Beach Mashup Competition that was held in Denton, N.C., on April 17.  

Once again, the Cloggers did not disappoint and placed in every event they competed in. This competition was the first  that they have been able to compete in since COVID-19 shut down gatherings a year ago. The Cloggers danced in four age divisions for 10 total routines.

Results for the Peanut City Cloggers were as follows:


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Running Set Hoedown:

Elementary — 1st Place

Junior 1st Place

Adult 1st Place and Grand Champion

Running Set Precision:

Junior 2nd Place and Judges Award recipient

Open Hoedown:

Junior 1st place and Grand Champion

Southern App:

Young Adult 2nd Place

Country Hoedown:

Elementary 1st Place

Junior 1st Place

Traditional Line :

Junior 3rd Place

Traditional Line Formation:

Junior 1st Place

Solo Winners:

Madison Belch 3rd Place Solo-Traditional

Judi Lester 2nd Place Flatfoot

Olivia Morris 3rd Place Flatfoot

Jeff Hill 1st Place Solo Traditional 

Congratulations also to Lauren Winslow and Madison Belch, who were named to the Junior All-American team and received their jackets at the ACHF Barn Dance in October.  

The next competition will be the Beach Blast Competition, which will be held on May 15 in Denton, N.C.