Price of utilities is outrageous

Published 6:57 pm Friday, April 23, 2021

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To the editor:

The price of utilities is skyrocketing. This includes gas, electric and water. 

Budget billing for gas, we are told, is a 12 month average of usage. And yet it is reviewed every three months, payments are changed and costs are raised at that time. When questioned, the gas company refused to tell me what their rates were. I thought the consumers were entitled to know the price of what they are purchasing.

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A large portion of Virginia residents are senior citizens, and many are on fixed incomes. Those on fixed incomes are having difficulties coping with the constant changes and rising costs of these utilities. 

Many of the elderly are forced to buy fewer food items, give up a needed medication or cut back on other necessary items just to feed the greedy gas, electric or water companies. This is not right. 

How much money is enough for these companies? Are they monopolies? Where is the competition? How many elderly people have to die to feed the greed of these companies?

Let me ask you a question Mr. Gas Company, do you have living parents? I hope they are doing well.  How about the ones who do not have the means to live like that?

Let me offer a solution to help end your greed and stop the need for those with limited incomes to have to choose who NOT to pay just to be able to pay you.

Utility companies (gas, electric and water) can set up a payment plan for a person that is, let’s say as an example, 70 years of age and on a fixed low income. The payment should be at a suitable amount that is fair to both utility company and client. Set that payment for life as long as that client resides on the property. This ensures the company is paid and the client can afford it without doing away with other necessities. That shouldn’t be so hard to do. I do know that when a company does something fair and decent for their customers, they become heroes and are seen as champions in the community they serve.

Seniors deserve to be treated with fairness and dignity, not as a group of people that can be manipulated and duped.

This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is an American issue, a state issue and a local issue. Yes, I am a senior, as is my wife. I speak for myself, but I also hear the same concerns from many seniors. I hope if this is an issue you also have, let’s speak up and be heard.

Daniel Roberts