My journey in poetry, occupational therapy

Published 7:11 pm Tuesday, April 27, 2021

By Tonya S. Swindell

I realize it might seem strange for me not to write a lengthy poem that acknowledges April as National Poetry Month. But this year I’ve decided to take a different path in order to get even better results. For many reasons, it seems fitting to do it in a month that means so much to me both personally and professionally.

April is the month in which I physically gave birth for the first time. Now with God’s help, my son is entering a phase of his own life that is potentially filled with many firsts and new beginnings. It is an exciting phase and one that I pray will be life changing in many positive ways.


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April is also the month in which I started writing and publishing articles in Suffolk News-Herald on a regular basis. I chose to start in 2015 in order to recognize Occupational Therapy Month, which is also celebrated in April. As of this year I have consistently practiced the profession of occupational therapy for 24 years since graduating in 1997 from Medical University of South Carolina.

So far in April 2021, I have repeatedly been reminded of three spiritual themes: Let go. Trust. Be still. In my mind, that has meant to let go of the need to control and do things the way I’ve always done them. When I hear the word “trust,” I think of not relying on my own thoughts about what should or should not happen. And for me, “be still” means to stop trying to wrestle and figure everything out.

This April is also the month in which I have decided to launch out and act on what I will call “nudgings” to do things that were put in my heart to do long ago. Those promptings are exciting, inspiring and inviting me to push past fear and embrace opportunities that arrive at my doorstep. I mentioned that I would not write a lengthy poem, but here’s a short one to summarize my feelings:

April marks the beginning of spring — the genesis of life and the resurrection of dead things. I feel inspired to write about poetic themes as I pursue fulfillment of my long held dreams. With an attitude of gratitude and a feeling of peace, I embrace my divine opportunities. 

As inspiring events continue to unfold, I feel excited to share with you about my new goals. I appreciate all of your continued support, as I live out my dreams and make plans to soar.

This journey has been my absolute pleasure to share my writing and poetry together. I appreciate your support and ask that it continues as I expand my writing into other venues. For readers who are interested in what this entails, please send me a quick note or better yet an email. 

And be sure to stay tuned for more information as my journey unfolds with anticipation. It is my plan to send out updated messages so readers and I can obtain mutual blessings. I’ll add your name to my email list so that important information you’ll be sure not to miss!

Tonya Swindell is an occupational therapist. She is also a teacher for Kingdom Building Institute ( She can be reached at