Happy Mother’s Day

Published 6:22 pm Friday, May 7, 2021

Mother’s Day is here, and this is a special time to celebrate all of the moms out there.

Whether you are a biological mom, an adoptive mom, a foster mom, a stepmom, a grandmother raising grandchildren, an aunt, a spiritual mom, or anyone who has been part of filling the “mom” role in the life of a child — thank you.

The mother is one of the first influences in a child’s life, and many of us can trace back different aspects of our physical appearance, our personality, our worldview and our life’s path to the influence of our moms.


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In fact, this was highlighted in our special section called “Celebrate Mom” published on April 28. People who submitted stories talked about their mothers, grandmothers and spiritual moms. They honored the support they have received from these women, their senses of humor, the little things they do to make life brighter for their kids and grandkids, and more.

We know that Mother’s Day can be painful for some people. If you don’t live close to your mom or your children, lost a child, lost your mom, didn’t have a good relationship with your mom, gave up a child for adoption or are yearning to become a mother, we send special thoughts your way today.

Finding time today to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to everyone who means a lot to you as a mother figure would not be time wasted. Think also of others in your family and in your friends group. Even if they are not your mom, they will surely appreciate that you remembered their status as that most special of roles in our society.