Mother’s Day celebrates miracle

Published 6:24 pm Friday, May 7, 2021

By Myrtle Virginia Thompson

The whole world was affected by the first greatest miracle. We see the dates on our calendars and refer to them when we want to document something. That means we must believe the first great miracle we observe is the resurrection of Christ, celebrated at Easter. We all acknowledge it.

So what is the second greatest miracle? It is the birth of a child. Motherhood takes on a whole new way of life when two tiny cells unite to form a baby. No amount of evolution can account for that miracle. Those cells cling together and form a human. Millions, billions of babies have been formed, and no two are just alike. What kind of evolution could perform that amazing act? It took a Creator God to do it. We have heard the phrase “seeing is believing” but when it comes to this miracle, believing is seeing. We have to believe there is a God Who has power beyond any human thinking. No person is smart enough to understand that incomprehensible creative mystery, but we can’t miss it. So what did it take to have Moms?


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The omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God is for real. Whether or not one believes in Him, worships Him, professes to know Him or simply thinks we somehow appeared on earth at some unrelated and unsettled time, maybe 10,000 or more years ago, is inconsequential. There can be no doubt we did not evolve. Our makeup is too complex for that. The Bible clearly declares God created us. He had a purpose for us. He is God Who Himself made the choice to create humans for His own joy. He is the God of love who wanted for us the best things in life. He is a God of beauty. Anyone who has taken notice of what has happened in the backyard garden this year must have seen that. The earth responded to His plan. Even the united cells of plant life obeyed without questioning. Human beings are different because we can communicate with the God Who allowed us to be born.

When two cells unite, a baby is formed in the mom’s built-in “baby carrier.” It fits the bill for the growing cells. With today’s technology, we soon know if it’s a boy or a girl, one or two or more babies. Who will this brand new unusual created being look like? It will take the form and character of the “producers” who subjected themselves to the plan God had when He created us. God made man in His image. To understand something of that, the Bible speaks of the greatness of God, the power of God, the Hand of God, the mind of God, the speech of God, the love of God, the handiwork of God, the wonders of God, the joy of God, the disciplines of God, the hatred of God for evil,  the ruining of His creation, the mercy and the grace of God, His desire for humans to worship Him and refuse the false gods who want to claim His territory.

Mother’s Day is a delightful celebration of all that God did and wanted for His creation. I see it as the second greatest miracle that ever happened on this tiny globe we call earth, a part of an even more magnificent heavenly creation we can see when we just look up in the sky, all of which God in His wisdom created. I rejoice in Him today and want true motherhood preserved, just like God intended it. Let’s give thanks for the privilege of motherhood and do our best to teach our children they are loved — by the Creator God and by their parents.

Myrtle V. Thompson, 93, is an educator, Bible teacher, retired missionary, and writer. Contact her at