Brown holds book launch

Published 4:25 pm Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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In God We Trust Ministries Church Phase 2 recently hosted the book launch of one of its members, Deacon Ernest L. Brown, on April 10.

The launch took place in an intimate sitting at the church, due to safety practices and COVID-19 guidelines. The book is titled “Words from the Heart.”

Deacon Brown is a native of Suffolk and from a family of nine children, raised by a single mother, to which he dedicates his book. Based on personal life experiences and past and current events in our society, he has a strong desire as an inspirational/motivational speaker.

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The author realizes people everywhere are going through difficult situations in life, and “Words from the Heart” offers them encouragement, motivation and hope. He is a man of love, a principle taught by his mother, regardless of their race or color. He is committed to sharing that love through his daily living and writing. He knows that although life serves fast or curveballs, you just do not give up. Life still can be sweet, and we can expect hope for a brighter day.

His prayers are that everyone finds their God given potential, place and purpose and becomes productive individuals in life. “Words from the Heart” is designed to help people do just that, which is to become who they are meant to be, all to the glory of God, the one who gave us life and a purpose. Whoever reads “Words from the Heart” will find a daily word to inspire and motivate them to never give up, and trust God with their life’s destiny.

For more information for booking a motivational and inspirational speaker, contact Apostle Joyce Myrick Wooden at 757-737-7045. Books can be ordered from, Barnes & Noble and other online Christian book distributors.