Grateful for arts support

Published 4:23 pm Tuesday, May 18, 2021

To the editor:

In a year of uncertainty and constant change in the world and locally, the Suffolk Public Schools Fine Arts program is thrilled to have the continued support of the Suffolk Education Foundation. Although the annual Gala was cancelled for 2021, the Suffolk Education Foundation has kept its commitment to our students’ arts education in the division by providing more than $11,000 to ALL of our elementary and secondary arts programs.

Every visual art and music teacher will receive funds from the SEF to use within their programs. In middle school, every visual arts, choir, band and orchestra teacher will also receive funds. At the high school level, every program, including theater, will also receive funds. The Suffolk Education Foundation has not let COVID or this time of constant change damper their unwavering commitment to the arts.


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On behalf of the fine arts teachers in our division, I would like to thank the Suffolk Education Foundation for their continued support. Additionally, thank you to the SEF for their continued support of ALL programs in our division, student scholarships, and all their initiatives, including the teacher supply shop. Our students appreciate it as it enhances their learning experience and their continued educational journey.

Dr. Joleen E. Neighbours

Fine Arts Facilitator, Suffolk Public Schools