SCA graduates prepare for a new path

Published 7:20 pm Monday, May 31, 2021

Suffolk Christian Academy celebrated its 12th commencement ceremony as 16 graduates prepared to take their next steps in life.

Friends and family gathered on May 29 at the school’s current location at Southside Baptist Church off Carolina Road. Due to the lifting of gathering restrictions, graduates were not strictly limited in the number of those who could come to celebrate the day with them.

The class vice president and salutatorian, Elizabeth Bunch, welcomed everyone to the ceremony. She thanked the class for everything they have done to impact her life. She thanked them for their individuality and not being scared to be who they are or chase their dreams.


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“Thank you for chasing after your dreams and making them a reality,” Bunch said. “Something I find so awe-inspiring about this extraordinarily unique and random class is that we don’t just say that we are going to do something, we actually do it. Most people simply talk about their goals, hopes and dreams and that’s it. They just talk. But I had the privilege of watching each of you go after your hopes and dreams throughout high school, and it will continue after we walk away from here.”

Valedictorian MaryDouglas Johnson reminisced about all the parts of high school she would miss from presenting projects, talking to teachers before class, the adventures they have faced together and her classmates.

“I especially will miss this class as a whole because even though we have our differences, and there are quite a few, we are all family and have a bond like no other class I have seen before,” Johnson said.

She left the class with a verse from Galatians 6:9 to encourage the class not to grow weary of doing good.

Frank Rawls was the commencement speaker for the class of 2021. He has practiced law at Ferguson, Rawls, and Raines for more than 44 years and helped Suffolk Christian Academy receive its incorporation. He encouraged the graduates to follow the right path for their life. Rawls reminded them that as they move forward, the people in their lives who have always told them what path to be on won’t be there anymore. It is now up to them now to decide what to do with their life. He references the ancient path talked about in Jeremiah 6:16 that has been laid out for believers.

“It is a good way,” said Rawls. “It is the good way that will bring rest to your souls. Nothing else will. It will bring rest to your mind, your soul and your emotions. It will be your still point in this crazy world. And you all have experienced craziness that none of us ever did.”

Rawls reminded the class that Jesus is the way, and when in doubt to stop, stand and ask Jesus for guidance. He ended his address by praying that the fruit and fullness of Jesus Christ would go with the class and guide and protect them.

After this commencement ceremony, Suffolk Christian Academy now has 120 alumni and has graduated two foreign exchange students.

Graduates were Miguel Altolaguirre, Nicole Baillie, Melissa Brown, Elizabeth Bunch, Mason Byrd, Jerry Coggshall, Laura Cornette, Jack Fowler, MaryDouglas Johnson, Alexis Legg, Serjyhson Mouche, Layne Pace, Alessandro Piana, George Rennie, Quade Sutton and Shaunna Webb.