Frustrated with postal system

Published 4:46 pm Tuesday, June 22, 2021

To the editor:

It has now been three days and still no mail. Oh, we received a flyer in the box yesterday, but I know this is not three days of mail. One day, hopefully soon, we will receive a large packet of back letters. I am totally frustrated with the postal system. Most weeks, mail is delivered on an average of four days. I have sent letters to Richmond, attempted to call the postmaster in Suffolk, who never answers the phone, and complained to the poor lady at our local office, who has no control over the situation. Does anyone have any good suggestions as to what to do or who to contact who will listen? I have even thought of organizing a march on the downtown office demanding action.

I had a certified letter mailed from South Carolina in December, which took 46 days to arrive and was left in the mailbox without being signed for. I have never received a large envelope mailed from Newport News in March with financial papers. To top all of this, I never received the tax bill from the city of Suffolk, due June 6, resulting in my paying over $170 in penalties. You might say taxes are due every year, so you should have thought about them, and you might be right. However, I am 77 years old and have some memory lapses as well as other things on my mind. Bills are sent as reminders of what we owe.


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I know there are many citizens out there as frustrated as I am, because I have talked to them. Every time I ride by a post office with their sign, “heroes work here,” I want to shred it to pieces, but I know I would be arrested for destroying federal property. The postal workers are well paid and have good benefits, but because they are a powerful union, seem to be untouchable. I have read articles by Congressman A. Donald McEachin about his efforts, but apparently to no avail. Does anyone have any good solution to this widespread problem?

I am mailing this letter through the postal system. It may or may not get there.

Leigh Johnson