Land Transfers for June 25- July 1

Published 6:40 pm Friday, July 9, 2021

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June 25 – July 01

Oskar Kizhner to Jessica Laz; 5153 N Harbor Road; $422,000

Justin Hardwick to Jay Curtis; 202 Goshawk Court; $437,000

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Brian Paul Berube to Michael Konrad; 2724 Country Club Drive; $275,000

Edward L Shelton II to Joseph R Wilson; 5107 Mariners Cove; $860,000

Douglas R Cobbs Jr to Daniel J Rife; 119 Kingsdale Road; $220,000

Brain Harris to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 415 Waterwheel Crescent; $14,490

Carolyn R Jernigan to Paul Thomas Creason; 111 Byrd Street: $53,500

Daniel T Huttman to Shakir O Shinaba; 3123 Summerhouse Drive; $746,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Gehret Tyler Laughery; 135 Brookside Lane; $373,675

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Duane Michael Rupp; 202 Thornwood Drive; $392,215

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to James Michael Petrowicz; 2032 Herons Pointe Lane; $449,140

Julio C Gavino to Eric Joseph Lablance; 2216 Livingston Street; $265,500

J&J Development Longstreet LLC to Darrell M Harding; 4198 Longstreet Lane; $350,000

Jencar LLC to Peanut City Properties LLC; 2219 Georgia Avenue; $60,000

Richard A Moore to Rachel Nicole Boehnke; 3505 Derby Cove; $300,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Tyreka M Terrell; 137 Brookside Lane; $405,610

Seekwahee Pinneta to Roderick Marks; 203 Park Road; $386,823

Steve Touros to Jonnathon Clayton; 527 County Street; $75,000

Alonzo Damar Sparrow to Alonzo Damar Sparrow; 6309 Townsend Place; $10

Rhonda Deete Best to Donald G Eanes Jr; 9809 South Quay Road; $197,300

KFG S Chinook LLC to SDO Real Estate Holdings LLC; 4865 Bridge Road; $900,000

LLoyd C Hayes to Tony R Snider; 5628 Mineral Spring Road; $277,000

Joseph A Ochoa to Richard C Lott; 6338 Quaker Drive; $400,000

Daniel J Webster to Tramaine D Campbell; 118 Elm Tree Court; $406,400

Camilleri Rose to Patrick M Beck; 3640 Deerfield Drive; $250,000

Sederick T Wilson to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 138 Meridian Place; $16,431

Peter Budi to PJRR LP; 3011 N. James Drive; $817,000

Jessie R Tate to Jeffrey Edward Hirsch; 111 Birdie Drive; $415,000

Jason Eugene Hooker to Shantel Kiara Covil; 3014 Indian Point Road; $375,000

Nicholas Antione Grier to William T Midkiff; 3008 Silver Charm Circle; $305,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Jordan S Tate Ford; 113 Meadows Landing Lane; $371,725

Cheryl A Riebel to James Brown; 237 Baron Boulevard; $415,000

Charlene L Jones to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 116 S 4th Street; $7,401

Benjamin D Roth to 124 LLC; 3808 Mockingbird Lane; $200,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Rebecca L Luck; 105 Retreat Drive; $302,563

Mattie Anne Bryant to Sidney J Winter II; 6146 Whaleyville Boulevard; $30,000

James H Durden Jr to Ledson Seymour Mattis Sr; 270 Little Fork Road; $299,900

Roderick T Norris to Dorn D Vichcales; 2093 Queens Point Drive; $310,000

Matthew S Cross to Joshua Hogan; 945 Vineyard Place Unit D; $293,900

Kenneth E Duley to Rayn Jones; 3015 Wood Duck Court; $275,000

Ernest T Sawyer AKA to Adrion J Howell; 0 Leafwood Road; $16,250

Adrion J Howell to AB Homes LLC; 0 Leafwood Road: $32,500

Rene Ufret to Alan M Valdez; 3502 Kelso Court; $325,000

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Maxwell Weber; 5299 Sports Club Run Unit 101; $345,200

Kimberly M Turner to Stuart MacMillan; 537 Second Avenue; $180,000

Sarah L Granger to Braden Dainad Matthews; 1511 Elderberry Road; $415,000

Demetryi Gupton to Charlene LM Ward; 3352 Nansemond Parkway; $320,000

Charles R Jordan Devisee to Charles R Jordan; 1229 Exchange Road; $48,000

Richard A Wright to F & F Homes LLC; 323 Williams Road Parcel C; $60,000

Richard A Wright to F & F Homes LLC; 323 Williams Road Parcel A; $60,000

Adele R Debruhl AKA to Joshua J Forbes; 860 Normandy Drive; $330,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLP to John Joseph McClaire Jr; 204 Thornwood Drive; $385,175

Andrew W Bermudez to Lontel C Clemons; 2254 Humphreys Drive; $244,900

Mary Lee Johnson to Greg Paige; 256 Craftsman Circle; $240,000

Anita B Savage to Virginia Electric and Power Company; $100

Fallwater Way Trust #219 to William Halman; 219 Fallwater Way; $312,500

Sarah Mullin Cunningham to Sarah Margaret Schick; 3902 Manning Road; $350,000

Francis C Kelley to Thomas Neil Jentink; 2675 River Watch Drive; $530,000

Timothy L Dramces to Aaron D Davis; 309 York Street; $169,900

Michael L Drake to Nicholas D Melvin; 223 Woodrow Avenue; $233,000

Clinton B Wright to Charles Harris Jr; 206 Squire Reach; $178,000

Mark Marable to Francisca Campbell; 5010 Westfalen Court; $375,000

David Moses to Morrice Compton; 114 Dutchess Way; $369,900

Sasser Construction LC to Craig P Schwindt; 233 Wentworth Court; $140,000

Phillip Lee Wright to Gardy D Mutzabaugh CO TR ETC; 200 Creek Front Lane 200; $550,000

Ralph W Haywood to Jo Ann Minor; 6020 Camellia Drive; $217,000

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Kyle Pazian; 103 Sea Biscuit Run; $560,765

Lucian D Kins to Arthur L Dedin; 106 Woodlake Terrace; $365,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Christopher David Ewell; 106 Meadows Landing Lane; $353,125

Neil A Catlett to Andre M Wright Sr; 102 Birdie Drive; $470,900

James Klinedinst to Kordel Prosser; 127 Sharpe Drive 36; $400,000

Carlton L Stevens to James Lundy; 1004 Sawtooth Drive; $380,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Natasha R Mattocks; 101 Retreat Drive; $314,413

Jeffrey Allen Reid Devisee to William B Hunter; 1601 White Marsh Road; $147,500

Joel D Davis to Spencer Ole Moen; 2106 Governors Pointe Drive; $480,000

C Edward Russell Jr to Wetlands America Trust Inc; 0 Kings Highway; $1,134,000

Misty Lee Rooney to Mark Construction 2 LLC; 6621 Crittenden Road; $400,000

CK TWY LLC to Jacob T New; 539 2nd Avenue; $135,000

Paige Matthews to Caela J Waller; 339 Highland Avenue; $135,000

KFV Homes LLC to Schneecka McAdoo; 143 Blessings Circle; $343,290

Jermaine J Moses to Junior Nelson; 104 Mistral Terrace; $335,000

Hearndon PR Builders to Willie J Stevens; 321 Terrywood Drive; $353,215

Lewis D Knight to Derek Dennis; 307 Baker Street; $24,000

Roseanna Maree Diaz Pangelinan to Andrew Jason Hess; 4601 Camellia Drive; $217,500

Cameron S Lackey to Marie Hall; 917 Maryland Avenue; $270,000

Boyd D Gains to Joseph G DSilva; 5409 Sports Club Run; $385,000

Sarah M Rourke to Ricky McCleod Sr; 100 Stumpy Lake Court; $450,000

Michael K Swinney Jr to Jamayel Anthony Alston; 212 Squire Reach; $195,000

James O Winsbush Jr to Carlton L Stevens; 3343 Mintonville Point Drive; $575,500

Nicholai J Sarpy to Jacob R Hehl; 6400 Sheffield Court N; $345,000

Teddy L Chambers to Linda L Myrick; 414 Highland Avenue; $180,000