Holland resident disappointed

Published 6:10 pm Friday, July 23, 2021

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To the editor:

The community of Holland has been shafted, yet again. We, the residents of Holland, suffer year after year from unfulfilled city promises or from simply being ignored.

On Wednesday, July 21, our City Council voted (5-3) to approve a conditional use permit for a solar farm to be built right at the entrance to Holland. No one in town knew about this proposal because the community was never consulted. We were ignored.

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Solar energy is good and is coming to our area, but a solar farm is unsightly and should not be on a main road, much less at the entrance to an existing community. There is plenty of land off the beaten path.

Furthermore, the company installing this farm has made pretty promises about aesthetics, but what happens when they go out of business/change their name, or the panels become outdated, etc.? Then no one will care for this eyesore.

Five members of our City Council let us down. They are supposed to represent the people of this city but instead they represented “big business.” I am disgusted, angry, and disappointed in our leaders.

Deborah Lee