Land transfers for July 16-22

Published 7:19 pm Friday, July 23, 2021

July 16 to July 22

Kraft Heinz Foods Company to Hormel Food Corporation; 245 Culloden Street; $27,166,600

Kraft Heinz Foods Company to Hormel Food Corporation; Culloden Street; $48,700

Christian A Lopesilvero to Joseph Emmanuel Galindez; 201 Equinox Landing, $368,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Lamar Christopher; 2065 Herons Pointe Lane; $426,065

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Jennifer R Marchoione; 1913 Carolina Road; $527,509

Planters Station LLC to Roger Ricardo Nelson; 235 McCormick Drive; $396,775

David I Byrd to David I Byrd Jr; 156 Kristen Lane; $180,000

Carmen Cobb to Jason Patrick Willis; 100 Squire Reach; $182,500

S&A Home Improvement LLC to Ruben D Parker; 431 Hull Street; $220,000

Alexander L Faith to Jeanice A Sadler; 418 North Broad Street; $271,000

Jason T Smith to William T Woods; 3605 Hennessy Cup Way; $325,000

Christopher W White to Amanda Parker; 6412 Aberdeen Place; $360,000

James K Elgin to Jamie Tate; 309 Scotch Pine Road; $450,000

Shirley L Knox to William E Adkins TR ETC; 705 East Riverview Drive; $285,000

Shawn E Hammond to William Mark Weaver; 5107 Turnberry  Court; $729,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Cardinal Realty Investments LLC; 638 Mason Avenue; $10,300

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Monta Bivins;  Lot 7 Elm St Pughsville; $6,200

Yasmine Keen to Chance Mynatt; 2031 Petersen Way; $235,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Cardinal Realty Investments LLC; 211 Oak Street; $7,900

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Monta Bivins; Lot 8 Maple St Pughsville; $6,900

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Hastings and Sons LLC; 115 Day Street; $11,300

Just Right Homes LLC to Rosheena S Nichols; 1301 Teton Circle; $215,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to David Cheng; 2857 Kings Fork Road; $83,750

Gees Group Partner LLC to Hermitage Point LLC; Parcel A1 The Point At Harbour View; $5,455,000

Alfred Bernard Wright to Thomas Shew; 207 Bridgewater Court; $345,000

Darlene M Newsom to Stephen Jessie Gastelum; 6057 Mainsail Lane; $377,900

Clint A Melton to John Ferguson; 14420 Kendal Way; $430,000

Kevin Lee Allison to Jacob Daniel Tousignaut; 2804 Colonial Drive; $233,000

Fikeria L Mills to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $5,542

Peter C Jackson LLC to Virginia Electric and Power Company; $100

NRGC Development LLC to David L Freeman Sr; $360,867

Amol Raizada to Jacqueline C Stevens; 138 Sharpe Drive $384,900

Ryan Henry David Jr to Stanley J Banach; 5757 Hawk Lane; $225,000

David Pizzurro to Joseph Beasley; 213 Water Pointe Way; $320,900

John A Greene to Mario Gonzalea; 6209 Pelican View Court; $317,500

Joseph Allan Eitel to Gerald Wingfall; 2018 Nicklaus Drive; $284,900

Michael Autery to Thomas O Phillips Jr; 112 Bristlegrass Court; $440,000

Ailene Daniels LLC to Jordyn J Work; 352 Great Fork Road; $278,600

David V Jensen to Muhammad Malik; 2249 Humphreys Drive; $240,000

Andrew Joseph Casquejo to Jermaine A Josiah; 2020 Petersen Way; $245,000

Carl J Vann to Lamont Burns; 402 Terrywood Drive; $370,100

Daphne B Boykin to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $8,703

Charles W Leon to Mikel H Mantley Jr; 5008 Gardner Lane; $1,200,000

Perry McMillion Custom Homes LLC to Destiny N Floyd; 6209 Freeman Avenue; $289,000

Kenneth Wren Sr to Ian Cordt Zukosky; 5303 Marsh Landing Lane; $560,000

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Barry Boyd Jr; 111 Sea Hero Court; $412,655

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Ashley N Clinton; 110 Village Pointe Drive; $336,375

Nicole M Sullivan to Teanesha St Luce; 6324 Townsend Place; $390,000

AB Homes LLC to Brain Newman; 5454 Quince Road; $427,200

Merle Blair Martin II to Ryan A Paul; 6403 Yorkshire Drive; $390,000

Solar Wash #3 LLC to Robert L Cutchins II; 910 West Washington Street; $420,000

Sasser Construction LC to Eric W Diel; 116 Creek Lane; $626,900

Linda Walters to Christopher Colby; 2524 Saint Martin Drive; $350,000

Angela C Mason to Javon Jones Gray; 104 PinTail Drive; $435,000

NVR Inc to Christopher Washington; 206 Victory Place; $528,440

Thomas J Maher to Jenna Renee Barnard; 2229 Humphreys Drive Unit 255; $252,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Micheal Sansford Eldridge; 220 Bank Street; $163,500

Stephen J Rolka to Ryan Maxwell; 6007 Torrey Pines Lane; $310,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Jacob William Coon; 3108 Ibis Boulevard; $501,725

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 163 Preserve Way; $90,000

KFV Homes LLC to Caesar Romero King Jr; 144 Blessings Circle; $351,170

Keith Mayfield Sr to Hampton Road Holding Company; 4861 Sleepy Hole Road; $45,000

Basmadjian and Jackson Investments to Saint James Properties LLC; 3015 Fuller Street; $365,000

Darrell R Leak to Natasha Laverne Sivills; 6833 Burbage Landing Circle; $364,900

Elisha K Harrell to Keith NIckerson Jr; 121 Jaclyn Drive; $401,200

Curtis Steven Gerard Braddy to BrendanK Wallace; 313 Northbrooke Avenue; $300,000

Solomon J Drake to Bryan Blackler; 5128 Harbor Road; $435,000

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 1038 Egret Lane; $90,000

Dianne M Fromal to Terence L Ryant; 1401 Mill Landing Court; $365,000

Robert I Pickering to Kendra Robinson; 6218 Heather Glen Drive; $240,000

Parkside At Bennetts Creek LLC to Saud Muhammad; 3748 Willow Glenn Circle; $441,992

Cade C Cinnamond to Michael Siedsma; 113 Elm Tree Court; $465,000

Remigio O Ogoy Jr to Tyrhee J Branton Espada; 6402 Aberdeen Place; $427,000

Phillip M Williams to Jacob Gregory Brede; 3608 Canal Turn Court; $348,000

Black Tip Associates LLC to Sharley Espinal; 312 Saint James Avenue; $235,000

Anwar Z Williams to Kimberly Penerton; 200 Spoon Court; $450,000

Rachel Marie Moore to Brandon Michael Cook; 2832 North Shore Drive; $208,000

Yolanda Bradley Walker to Glasser & Glasser Attorneys; 105 Grayson Court: $10,045

Brandon R Dirkson to Alexander S Fredrickson; 6718 Castlewood Circle; $405,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Ronnie D Gay; 137 American Way; $323,990

John T Pattie III to Terry Marquis Tate; 114 Beacon Run; $312,000

Mario J Convertino Sr TR ETC to Stephen A Palazzatto; 2101 Waters Edge Lane; $230,000

Christopher B Strohm to Elizabeth A Cohen; 2561 Golden Maple Drive; $301,501

Victoria M Byers to Anwar Z Williams; 2099 Piedmont Road; $510,000

Donald W Weaver to Roy Butler; 128 Porter Circle; $240,000

Kevin K Kennedy to Suffolk City of; 101 South Saratoga; $250,600

N & N Land Company LLC to Suffolk City of; Lots 168 169 Jackson Street: $482,439

Leake Meade VA LLC to Erica Janiece Green; 149 Preserve Way; $523,533