Land transfers for July 9-15

Published 6:18 pm Friday, July 23, 2021

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Michael D Eberhardt to Morgan Chavis; 4403 Cullen Lane; $565,000

Brett C Dalesky to Charhonda M Thurman; 3114 Stonecreek Drive; $375,000

Charles G Sanders to Adam Mistr; 500 West Riverview Drive; $446,100

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Thomas C Hickman to Shawn E Whitemore; 104 Brittany Lane; $575,000

Devin A Acord to Dakota Gerorge Evans; 1313 Babbtown Road; $334,900

Lucy L Baker to Jeffrey Baker; Leafwood Road; $35,000

Daniels Construction Corp to Robert L Clark; 423 Wellons Street; $204,900

Herons Pointe LLC to Jonathan Truthan; 2057 Herons Pointe Lane; $434,345

Nicholas A Hamilton to Jeanette Eley Jordan; 205 Maple Street; $169,000

Jason D Weeks to Seaboard Enterprises Inc; 102 Tree Lane B; $35,000

Real Investments At Riverfront LLC to Charles Lipscomb Jr; 5297 Sports Club Run Unit 103; $342,000

Andrew C Ross to Alexandria Pforr; 6052 Newington Place; $290,100

Edward Marquez to Bonnie Koon; 3226 Duke of Gloucester Drive #131; $305,900

Stephanie E W Lambert to Colbee H Barrett; 6211 Amberly Circle; $335,000

Kimberly R Waller to Roger D Gamez; 108 Meridian Place; $438,800

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 149 Deceleration Lane; $92,500

Atlantic Union Bank to Green Clean Godwin LLC; 2825 Godwin Boulevard; $1,050,000

Oliver D Creekmore CO TR ETC to Omaar Hernanandez; 117 Windy Pines Lane; $492,500

Bruce M Swagler to Ronnie Jones; 223 River Inlet Road; $430,000

Angel Shelton Willis to Tracie Y Merritt; 305 Causey Avenue; $265,000

Danny Boyd to Lateef B Rasberry; 300 Wellons Street; $35,000

Alyssa C Milanese to Briana Buderus; 1005 Silver Charm Circle; $300,000

James R Johnson to Brain Berube; 2751 Windjammer Road; $460,000

Holland Family Properties No 3 LLC to George Boykins Jr; 702 Battery Avenue; $20,000

Beatrice Clark Goffigan to Kimberly Ellis Billups; 6825 Ivanhoe Court; $1

Shawanda L Allen Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 131 Dana Drive; $10,332

Silvia B Wilkins to Jennifer Wilkins; 6065 Old College Drive Unit 500B; $110,000

Patrick J Dinicola to Andrew Thomas Gross; 114 Pippin Drive; $275,200

Jessie Nicole Herbert to Liberty Law; 105 Sandtrap Court; $400,000

RF8B LLC to Michael B Uscinowicz; 107 Longtail Drive; $425,261

Larry D Williams Jr to Virginia Electric and Power Company; 118 Raleigh Drive; $100

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Jacob A Drummond; 109 Cloverleaf Drive; $322,245

Adam B Eastep to Steven Elias Habath; 1709 North Creek Landing; $210,000

Everett Hayes to Andrew Kelly; 3500 Ludlow Cove; $385,000

Jorge Montoya to James Joseph Fiorella; 124 Woodlake Terrace; $285,000

M & M Investments LLC to BC Branch Enterprises Inc; 640 North Liberty Spring Road; $60,000

Parker Crossing LLC to Barry Taylor; 2667 River Watch; $599,000

Frank M Rawls Successor TR to Robert D Masters; 217 Kenyon Road; $105,000

Theodore W Rodes and Anthony R Woodrum; 304 Ash Wood Drive; $295,000

Norman Mitchell to Benjamin Wayne Stanley; 245 Longstreet Lane; $432,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Michael Miller; 123 Brookside Lane; $448,135

Adam C Vaughan to Denis Lydon; 3058 Silver Charm Circle; $295,500

Michael A Houde to Candace Noel Reynolds; 3003 Frederick Street; $265,000

Lake Meade VA LLC to Stephen James Rolka; 155 Preserve Way; $510,211

Parkside At Bennetts Creek LLC to Irene Latoya Jacobs; 3715 Willow Glenn Circle; $498,727

Lloyd C Hayes to Larry Baier; Mineral Spring Road; $85,000

William Jonathan Clark to Christopher Blaine Ricards; 208 Staley Drive; $205,000

John E Pearl to Tranika Michelle Starks; 148 Sharpe Drive; $375,000

Wilmet F Brooks to Felicia Wilson; 319 Bob White Parkway; $465,000

Brenda B Conner to Clearview Homes VA LLC; 5388 Indian Trail; $175,000

Lincoln Cortez Blue to Navarre B Brown; 4014 KingstonPkwy Unit 309; $355,000

Marvin Craig Williams to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $13,766

Victor M Diaz to Sara M Johnston; 1323 Pheasant Circle; $350,100

Kelvin Harkins to Jeannette B Collins; 6302 Amberly Court; $350,000

Camille C White to Brody Michael Christian Kincaid; 1103 Teton Circle; $205,000

Peggy M Chappell to 2303 Pruden LLC; 2303 Pruden Boulevard; $300,000

William R Stark to Lindsey Carney; 142 Kennet Drive; $300,000

Yvette E Morales FKA to Christine A Woodward; 174 Majestic Drive; $184,000

AB Homes LLC to Martin Andrew Kane; 10570 Camp Pond Road; $445,541

Nicholas E Brewer to Demetrius Wood; 608 Teton Circle; $211,000

Nansemond Reserve Investors LP to BSJ LLC; 175 Secretariat Drive; $322,500

Michael W Joyce to Sean Loya; 6240 Old Townpoint Road; $237,900

Jonathan A Zehner to Mark Preston; 108 Misty Ridge Lane; $285,000

Thomas J Steele to Clinton Copeland; 9100 River Crescent; $589,900

Nicholas Jay Borelli to Ryan David Erickson; 134 Dutchess Way; $360,000

Dajuan A Dixon to Teon R Janet; 1125 Fairgrounds Lane; $250,000

Ian C Zukosky to Christopher D Darden; 1008 Bay Breeze Drive Unit 93; $343,000