Land Transfers for July 30 to Aug 5

Published 6:44 pm Friday, August 6, 2021

 July 30 – Aug 5

Antonio J Hart to Robin Lewis Brooks; 6084 Newington Place; $270,000

James H Durden to Alesha Ray; 608 Cedar Street; $220,500


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Craig W Pitcher to Schal Marvin Bodu; 5648 Frank Street; $290,000

KFV Homes LLC to Donald Lydell Goodman; 106 Restful Court; $340,325

Nita T Doughtie to Brian Lisboa; Lot 5 Dill Road; $94,500

Arnetha J Wilkins to Jay R Enterprises LLC; 506 Pitchkettle Road; $23,500

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to June D Miles; 103 Retreat Drive; $315,130

Xiaoping Yang TR ETC to Christopher J Lee; 334 Tindalls Court; $1,300,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Amber Renee Allen; 127 Meadows Landing Lane; $365,390

Patrick M Chapman to Jay T Maxwell; 6211 Cambridge Drive; $235,000

Planters Station LLC to Tyrone D King; 211 McCormick Drive; $397,125

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Deon Williams; 3002 Players Court; $280,000

Besos LLC to Tiphani Comena; 221 Chestnut Street; $175,000

Samantha J Linneman to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1117 Driver Pointe Court; $13,005

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Derek Luck; 2053 Herons Pointe Lane; $442,690

Regena Herndon Fuller to Virginia Electric and Power Company; 3700 Mockingbird Lane; $100

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 105 Declaration Lane; $185,000

Michael S Crawford to Jasmine Leann Samuel; 6100 Kent Court; $325,000

Christopher Kait Construction LLC to Pamela N McWhorter; 102 Creek Lane; $508,500

Michael Waylon Rogers to Corey Gatling; 1213 Truman Road; $221,000

Randell Walter D Barkley to Infinite Returns 1 LLC; 405 Hunter Street; $133,000

David Adelman to Bonita Billingsley Harris; Hastings Place; $609,814

NB Brothers II to Chris Bess; 3301 Desert Road; $110,000

Steve A Warren to Kenneth W Henkes; 5575 Hawk Lane; $215,000

NRGC Development to Jonathan Humes; 124 Peck Lane; $377,427

John F Ferguson to Micahel T. E. Gilead; 138 Graystone Trace; $294,900

David Frances Askew to Craig L Johnson; 1261 River Road; $649,900

Eric Lawrence Wooten to Stanley Edward Postlewait; 1024 Boundary Drive; $370,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc to Neal R Bowen Jr; 1335 Longstreet Lane; $414,900

Petersen Legacy Advisors Inc to Andy D Johnson; 100 Richard Avenue; $250,000

Jacob W Becker to //tre Rasean Mills; 130 Mallard DRive; $215,000

Kevin J Jeanguenat to Anthony M Hendges; 200 Beech Street; $167,000

Kristopher R Garin to Nicholas R Ivester; 212 Water Point Way; $320,000

Lonnie Reeder to Virginia House Flip Company LLC; 4043 Sadler Drive; $340,000

Stephen Christian Merrill to Junnette B Bazemore; 105 Hamer Road; $350,000

MIguel A Nieves Pomales AIF to William Young; 1006 Meadows Reach Circle; $360,000

Patricia R Hundley to Aaron Matthew Van Dyne; 1205 Mount Pleasant Drive; $379,900

George Boykins Jr to KT1 Properties LLC; 319 Hunter Street; $34,000

East Coast Development Group to John R Tice Jr; 4001 Evan Circle; $637,968

Kurt A Langenderfer to Jennifer A Baumgardner; 3026 Kempton Park Road; $378,000

Edward L Davis to Russell Searcy; 857 Normandy Drive; $401,000

John C Kneisel to Robin Mary Abbey; 601 Lakeside Drive; $194,700

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Tara Gonga; 3456 Rain Tree Circle; $523,061

Anton Rodriguez II to Ariana Tufariello; Lots 1 and 2 Block A Carver Terrace; $263,000

Johnny E Mizelle to Justin R Schultz; State Highway Route 337 Between Drivers and Wilroy; $40,000

Frank S Doleman III to Justin R Schultz; 2770 Nansemond Parkway; $60,000

Johny E Mizelle to Justin R Schultz; 2772 Nansemond Parkway; $50,000

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 4404 Cole Avenue; $380,000

Emily W Konoza to Megan Patricia Wagner; 5040 Kelso Street; $378,500

Danielle Kristin Garrick to Latisa Devon Tillman; 510 Kilby Avenue; $241,000

KFV Homes LLC to Adam Wayne Krause; 128 Blessings Circle; $381,925

Lake Meade VA LLC to Emmanuel Alonze McGlone; 161 Preserve Way; $486,306

Jean A Coleman to Michael V Biondi; 8228 Harlan Drive; $384,900

Zachary N Smith to Jacob Matthew Rose; 230 Kingsale Road; $315,000

Legacy Home Building LLC to Latisha E Keys; 211 Columbus Avenue; $204,900

Brandon J Aherns to Rashmi Verma; 105 Station Drive; $392,000

Paul A Collins to Jackus Durrell Allen; 340 Canaan Circle; $405,000

Herbert Family Trust Dated October to Darrius Jackson; 1508 Reynard Road; $388,000

Jeremy Colding to Ashley L Hurick; 313 Ash Wood Drive; $370,000

Garry A Smith to Russell Hathaway; 317 Shore Drive; $360,000

Gilbert R Lemay to Kalan E Long; 320 West Liberty Springs Road; $385,000

Dwayne A Hart Jr to Daniel Soria; 6203 Glenrose Drive; $320,000

Joanne Hollowell Fowler to Randal A Backman; 495 Collins Road; $117,500

Tracy Marie Dove Heir to Matthew W Walston; 1644 Cypress Chapel Road; $201,000

Kelly D Stewart to James Elgin; 8573 Crittenden Road; $395,000

Chris L Breeden to Richard E Allmon; 2403 Pine Tree Way; $320,000

Michael D Webb to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 2004 Soundings Crescent; $380,000

Cory Dean Schwison to Nicole Roberts; 1708 Mill Wood Way; $380,000

Thurston B Sumner III to Joseph E Fortier; 504 Deer Run Court; $359,000

Ailene Daniels LLC to William D Hunt; 408 Hunter Street; $167,900

Gregory A Deimel to Bobby S Pridgen Sr; 1050 Boundary Drive; $328,500

Wade K Smith to Phillip John J Pangilinan; 6750 Burbage Lake Circle; $386,000

Thomas N Reed to Veronica E Hartless; 6313 Coachman Drive North; $430,000

Hannah E Cutshall to Melanie Dawn Benson; 1036 Meadows Reach Circle; $398,000

Vernon Perry to Brinso Ambitions LLC; 218 Wellons Street;  $10,000

Joshua Hill to Erik Crawford; 4985 Deer Path Road; $295,000

Frontier Suffolk LLC to Charles and Margaret Levin Family; 5883 – 5889 Harbour View Boulevard; $6,800,000

Brian K Moore to Melissa E Depasquale; 116 Civil Court; $550,000

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Michael F Penkrot Jr; 119 Secretariat Drive; $492,510

Vandybe Almond Jr to Devan Randal Smith; 1238 Woods Edge Circle; $260,000

John H Shuford to mary Elizabeth Gilbert; 5304 Sports Club Run; $520,000

Michael Colon to Rodney Lee Lewis; 110 Kilby Shores Drive; $288,000

Glenn P Sorrentino to Justin Doering; 2829 Colonial Drive; $248,000

AB Homes LLC to Kelvin Durwin Coleman; 5458 Quince Road; $421,433

Kevin E Koonce to Robert L Jackson; 5045 Kelso Street; $341,000

Michael P Wright to Kristina M Marshall; 6217 Heather Glen Drive; $236,000

Robert D Archer to Aaron J Benwell; 2438 Cherry Blossom Drive; $315,000

Jonathan J Sullivan to Agatha W Gitundu; 2000 Casper Court; $341,000

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Lake Meade VA LLC; 164 Preserve Way; $264,000

Robert W Babb to Jarratt B Webb; 702 Jones Street; $590,000

Michele Daniels to Sean McFarlin; 2423 E Washington Street; $285,000

John D McDaniels to Lyle Bernard Adams; 8377 Whaleyville Boulevard; $225,500

Paragonn Contracting Group LLC to Gary A Ellick Jr; 4508 Hubbard Avenue; $409,900

KFV Homes LLC to Thomas M Kearns; 100 Blessings Circle; $418,125

Paul A Drakes to Morgan Tracie Lucas; 169 Hall Avenue; $250,000

Wanda K Boone Heir to Mibi International LLC; 107 North Division Street; $29,500

Sherrie Lynn Taylor to Joshua Allan Taylor; 3450 Waters Avenue; $313,500

Ann Marks Saunders to Catherine E Evans; 216 Delaney Drive; $204, 900

Estate of Estella V Jones to Angela Bradshaw; 405 Hollywood Avenue; $54,500

Towd Point Mortgage Trust 2017 2 to Apollos Lamont Ward; 233 Chestnut Street; $48,000

Steven Joseph Verdi AKA to Vian S Irving; 305 Greenfield Crescent; $190,000

Kibo LLC to Marcus L Louis; 5106 Clipper Cove Lane; $965,000

Lawrence Thomas Twiddy to Westover WP LLC; 606 County Street; 606 County Street; $125,000

Hazel S Winborne Revocable Trust to Michael Webb; 5629 Canterbury Lane; $355,238

Seaboard Enterprises Inc to Michael E Thompson; 665 Durch Road; $352,295