Suffolk man writes helpful resource for young men

Published 6:00 pm Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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A new book is out to help men find their purpose in life and gain some direction.

Dak Frederick published his new book, “101 Things Every Man Should Know to Experience a Life of Victory and Impact,” in June.

Frederick is originally from North Carolina but has lived in Suffolk for almost five years. He has a passion for men to succeed in their faith, family and finances.

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While writing a book on finances, Frederick felt led to change his direction to give the next generation of men advice he wished he had. Being a retired Marine, husband and father of two daughters, Frederick learned many things firsthand he wishes he could have been prepared for in life.

“I had a desire for years to write this book,” said Frederick. “In the military, I experienced hardships and experiences that had I known what was in this book, it would have helped me not be in the situation I was in.”

The book focuses on 101 points, including finances, health, spirituality, mindsets, goals, productivity, people, potential, making an impact, and much more. His goal is to provide direction and help others, and he hopes to see this book in chaplain’s offices, police departments, fire departments and more.

“I have a desire to see men be better,” said Frederick. “In the Marines, I saw guys who needed direction and didn’t grow up with a father figure who needed guidance.”

Frederick has also made a free resource guide to partner with the book on his website. He hopes that this free guide will help readers go deeper as they reflect on the personal application of the readings.

“It goes deep but is very practical,” said Frederick. “A lot of men experience success in their careers, but what happens behind closed doors? What’s really in their hearts? I want to help connect them to a bigger purpose and to set goals for a higher purpose.”

Even though this book is for men, Frederick has received positive feedback from women who have read the book. These women claimed that this book helped them better understand how the men in their lives think and feel and learned how to help support them in their struggles.

You can find the book on Amazon or at the Christian Bookstore, 900 N. Main St., for a discounted price.  Readers can download the resource guide for free at