Land Transfers for Aug. 13-19

Published 5:57 pm Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Aug 13 – 19

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Pamela Ann Davis; 103 Sea Hero Court; $464,670

Nicholas G Hirsch to Shameta Judd; 5103 South Links Circle; $300,000


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Joshua J Mayoral to Anaclet M Phiri M; 6312 Orchard Cove Court; $415,000

Annes LLC to AB Homes LLC; 7375 Harvest Drive; $167,000

Robert Johnson to Stephanie Giles; 377 Canaan Circle; $395,000

Darwin L Faulkner Co TR Etc to Valerie J Colicchio; 1736 Freeman Mill Road; $391,000

Brandon N Boyd to Stanley T Mcrae Jr; 3505 Kelso Court; $334,900

Carlton Darden to Tier1 Construction LLC; 315 North 4th Street; $40,000

Shaun M Nagy to Walker C Dykes; 6367 Scottsfield Drive; $259,000

Mark A Wethington to Ashley Clemons; 5636 River Bluff Drive; $310,000

Sherrell M Ashburn to Matthew J Dixon; 505 Lakeside Drive; $210,000

Janell Brown to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $15,639

Linda K Young to Thomas R Worrell; 4031 Michael Drive; $590,000

Real Investments at Riverfront LLC to Henry Thomas Little III; 5295 Sports Club Run Unit 105; $348,500

NRGC Development LLC to Kenneth Michael Johnson; 128 Peck Lane; $376,001

Sergio Luis Ibarra to Ryan H Spink; 5015 Kelso Street; $330,000

James Alvin Williams to Eric Justin Lindsey; 8021 Stuart Drive; $128,200

Shane D Redfern to Ciara N Jones; 5078 Kelso Street; $410,000

Robert Ray Wilkerson Sr to WH Chesapeake LLC; 4913 Marina Drive; $64,900

Vincent D Hash to Darnell C Johnson; 106 Chenango Court; $320,000

Integrity Rental Properties LLC to Timothy John Hicks; 206 Millwheel Court; $305,000

Kelton V Millhouse Sr to Corey A Spruill; 3236 Duke of Glouchester Drive; $315,000

Patrick R Carnes to Jamar Denzel Worlds; 203 Friar Court; $270,000

Walter Hines to Charles R Beatty; 1002 Sawtooth Drive; $366,300

Jessica Williams to Fernande Carolyn Cox; 117 Jaclyn Drive; $415,000

Frank Edward Sheffer to Charles E White Jr Revocable Trust; 521 Butler Avenue; $180,000

Dominic A Hamlett to Johnny Larry; 329 Gauntlet Way; $265,000

AB Homes LLC to Wilmarys Rivera Ferrer; 137 Mineral Springs Road; $351,178

Blair Campbell to Diana Marie Wagenmann; 6706 Lake Cove Court; $339,900

Mc Holland LLC to Woochan Kim; 324 N Captial Street; $71,000

Mc Holland LLC to Jung Warren; 4973 Sleepy Hole Road; $119,000

Planters Station LLC to Mildred L Wallace; 223 Tassell Crescent; $415,225

Jose R Olivas TR ETC to Austin W Hawes; 3510 Derby Cove; $268,500

East Coast Development Group to John T Abercrombie; 4400 Cullen Lane; $721,975

Helen Brown to Holly Nicole Wilson; 1274 Holland Road; $236,500

Savon Wilkerson to Hodalsi Balbuena; 145 Hall Avenue; $190,000

Belkov Handell LLC to James D Bass; 14.24 and Less and Except Holy Neck Magisterial District; $65,000

Thomas B Myers to Marcus L Cook Jr; 301 Morning Tide Cove; $340,000

George Boykins to Black Tip Associates LLC; 273 Holladay Street; $36,500

Theodore William Bacalis Jr AKA to Ricky L Shilo Jr; 1601 South River Creek Landing; $270,000

Jason Bowman to Bennie E Perry III; 3020 Driver Station Way; $386,000

7 City Builders LLC to Antonio C Williams; 4941 Townpoint Road; $375,000

Jared M Verga to Zerek P Hughes; 206 Heartstone Reach; $325,000

Timothy James Bovill to Charles H Steward Jr; 1032 Snead Drive; $360,000

Belkov Handel LLC to Ryan M Daniel; 47.10 Acres Holy Neck Magisterial District; $153,000

Ernest T Sawyer AKA to Alfredo O Lebron Diaz; Leafwood Road; $54,900

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Brandon N Boyd; 111 SeaBiscuit Run; $456,255

Deana Yon Garay to Carlton Alphonso Stokes; 1004 Teton Circle; $200,000

Dayu Jiang to Cynthia D Pope; 1018 Meadows Reach Circle; $340,000

Rountree Revocable Trust Date to Fawcett Properties LLC; 3909 Nansemond Parkway; $1,198,608

Fawcett Properties LLC to Davey Tree Expert Company; 3909 Nansemond Parkway; $1,550,000

Trevor W Eldridge to Triniti Aileen Morgan; 407 Bullock Street; $150,000

James H Durden Jr to Oksana Korolev; 724 Dutch Road; $352,470

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Lake Meade VA LLC; 167 Preserve Way; $440,000

Sara Hefti to Jennifer Curcione; 7004 Porthole Place; $458,000

Cynthia D Pope to Verronical P Austin; 215 Widgeon Court; $251,000

Susanne F McLaughlin to Kevin Jerscheid; 6904 Leefield Court; $315,000

Envenesia Taylor to April R O’Connor; 131 Kennet Drive; $355,000

Cameron Blake Nicholson to MyChal Johnson; 6754 Burbage Lake Circle; $367,500

NVR Inc to Ayana Willis; 221 Victory Place; $477,335

Capres B Amory Jr to Matthew Madariaga; 1108 Mill Pond Court; $240,000

Ann Rogers Adams AKA Heir to James H Durden Jr; 5271 Whaleyville Boulevard; $420,000

Richard D Mankus to Patrick J Kelly; 101 Elmington Way; $210,000

Yves J Raynaud to Maureen Clarie Robinson; 3027 Kempton Park Road; $390,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to Sarah S Swager; 100 Thornwood Drive; $398,880

Patrick Titus to John Wesley Shipman; 144 Stoney Ridge Avenue # 23; $280,000

Steven Lasseter to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1128 Saunders Drive; $4,762

John B McCombs to Joseph Simpson; 6306 Old Westham Drive S; $385,000

IPXI Judkins Land Investors LLC to Flint Coastal Logistics LLC; 150 Judkins Court; $4,100,000

Jansen D Butler to Jerome D Brownlee Jr; 6797 Burbage Lake Circle; $395,000

Anthony Long Jr to Hector t Pabon; 209 Patriots Walke Drive; $460,000

Brian Alan Bradley Logan to Vincent T Wilson; 4 College Court; $275,000

SLR Development LLC to 319 325 Pinner Street LLC; 321 Pinner Street; $32,000

US Home Solutions LLC to 319325 Pinner Street LLC; 3019 Pinner Street; $64,000

Erik J Carl to David Paul Norris; 6304 Coachman Drive; $420,000

Jesse C Cox to Bradley Scott Monteith; 313 Saint James Avenue; $165,000