New book discusses fundraising

Published 10:12 pm Thursday, September 2, 2021

A new resource is available for charities, nonprofits and any others who need help when it comes to fundraising.

Patrick Belcher’s book “Fundraising Is: Everything Done Before Asking for Money” was released on Aug. 31 to help nonprofits and charities navigate fundraising in a proactive rather than reactive response.

The book has been years in the making as Belcher learned from experiences and put them on his blog at He started these blog posts during his time as executive director with the Red Cross, where he used his previous 20 years of sales experience to exceed the nonprofit’s fundraising goals.


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“I started writing these blogs about what I witnessed working with clients with my time with the Red Cross,” said Belcher. “This is a more eloquent version of all my blog posts.”

Belcher is currently the president of the Suffolk Education Foundation, organizing fundraisers to benefit Suffolk Public Schools students, faculty and staff.

Fundraising can be a dreaded part of the business. According to Belcher, due to the stress and long hours, most professionals in charge of fundraising only last two years in their position before leaving. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

“If done right, asking for money is the easiest part,” said Belcher.

Belcher compares nonprofits to small businesses. Both need to understand their money flow in order to bring about their mission, whether it be selling a product or solving a problem in the community. The more money a small business makes, the more it can grow and accomplish, which is the same for nonprofits.

“Some nonprofits are self-funded, and they really don’t need to be,” said Belcher. “They only need to get comfortable telling their story.”

The book not only offers resources for fundraising but also provides help for team building, event management and storytelling. The chapters conclude with a “toolbox” that highlights key points for readers to communicate to their teams.

The book is available at or anywhere books are sold. In addition, those who buy from the website can request a signed copy of the book.