Land transfers for Aug. 20-26

Published 7:30 pm Friday, September 3, 2021

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Land Transfers for Aug. 20-26

George A Chesney III to Jacquelyn Jackson; 5224 Moreland Street; $245,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Allyson Marie Roberts; 1109 White Herons Lane; $467,485

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Village Pointe Construction LLC to Alexander Vazquez; 108 Village Pointe Drive; $299,445

Ardean B West to Cordell Garrett; 5100 Dominion Drive; $435,000

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 217 Republic Lane; $92,500

NVR Inc to Reginald Donail Smith; 209 Victory Place; $380,880

Courtesy Homes LLC to Matthew W Spencer; 1465 Wilroy Road; $275,000

Michael G Gionet Jr to Rayn M Vess; 108 Farrand Drive; $415,000

Thomas W Keeling to Micaheld Anthony Fox; 314 Tindalls Court; $510,000

Christopher R Harris t Jory Taylor; 106 Foxworth Circle; $290,000

Jawwaad Bilal to Resquiveles LLC; 820 Kilby Avenue; $50,000

Lennie R Blanchard to Christopher L Szymanski; 104 Seabreeze Lane; $410,000

Everett C Revell Jr to Sharif Barrett; 1724 Hosier Road; $120,000

N and Land Company LLC to Image Home Development; 626 West Washington Street; $400,000

Jeffery T Short to Terry Leon Boykins Sr; 100 Sandy Lake Drive; $429,900

Anthony J Fresse to Mark D Thompson; 108 Brackley Court; $258,000

Nicholas Johnston to Brian K Ryder; 308 Sherwood Drive; $335,500

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Deshard Wilkins; 20 Seasons Circle Unit 803; $259,900

Evan G Arnold to Barry D Mayfield Jr; 1201 Baltic Street; $275,500

Real Investments at Riverfront LLC to Aaron Paul Pratschner; 5295 Sports Club Run Unit 103 $347,000

Thomas Neil Jentink to Sean A Hazer; 6602 James Point Court; $385,000

Lisa Y Rosser to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 304 Waterwood Way; $18,336

Ashley Rathbun to Michael Rathbun; 3507 Sedgefield Street; $12,300

Marcus Delman Felton Jr to Margaret E Goodwin; Arthur Drive; $30,000

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Henry Elax Andrews; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 802; $257,825

David J Bergesen to Maria E Conde Cruz; 6101 Kent Court; $342,000

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Jeremy M Richardson; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 801; $265,000

Ronald E Green to AB Homes LLC; Lot 3 Minnie Etta Harrell Plat Cypress Borough; $100,000

Darrell R Charlee to Christine E Fauntleroy; 6733 Hampton Roads PW #C; $257,500

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to James E Stoddard TR ETC; 107 Sanctuary Drive; $342,831

Lake Meade VA LLC to Garfield Artis; 142 Preserve Way; $466,900

Sierra Storm Tiktas to Rosman Kimbrough; 1013 English Oak Drive; $402,000

Craig L Johnson to Charles L Bailey Jr; 718 E Riverview Drive; $479,000

William L Mclin to Nathan A Sutherland; 416 North Broad Street; $325,000

Lisa J Kennedy to Michael G Smith; 6402 Crosswinds Court; $335,000

Kyle R Arcand to Nicholas R Archand; 1512 Dogwood Trail; $495,000

Shane M Feken to Bernard S Greene; 1020 Custis Road; $215,000

Michael Steven Blais to Anthony George Orozco; 1030 Glen Haven Drive; $425,000

Lake Meade Va LLC to Maurice Antonio King; 157 Preserve Way; $470,692

Wirth Holdings LLC to Jenal Stephenson; 141 Preserve Way; $472,245

Christian Lichliter to Alexis L Evans; 520 Pecan Court; $370,000

Taylor Construction LLC to Allyson Vaskey; 113 SeaBiscuit Run; $461,830

Ashley Althoff Goodwin to Joslyn A Perry; 2114 Georgia Avenue; $235,000

Nehul Patel to Kendra Scott; 274 Burnetts Way; $240,000

Harry Vanhosen Jr to Corey L Branch; 2601 River Watch Drive; $360,000

Kenneth D Ferguson TR ETC to Robert L Walton; 130 Sharpe Drive; $400,000

Jorge Marrero to Anthony M Muthoni; 1045 Boundary Drive Unit 36; $358,000

Veronica E Latonio to Tosheika Nadia Beckford; 784 Bennetts Meadow Lane; $315,000

Christina R Finck to Rebecca Hartley; 5636 Frank Street; $230,000

Glynn C Williams to John L Felgentreu; 6016 Vineyard Lane; $280,000

Darrin Lilly to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $14,946

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Matthew F Spina; 129 American Way; $350,255

Carol D Vancamp to Edward A Mosley; 113 Birdie Drive; $475,000

Thomas A Samaras TR ETC to Timothy J Mushill; 689 Babbtown Road; $110,000

Sherena Nichols to Nathalie Remy Robinson; 403 Linden Avenue; $230,000

Taylor Construction LLC to Marc Oswald; 110 Sea Hero Court; $442,200

Yellow Ribbon Inc to Image Home Development; 132 Chestnut Street; $400,000

Chestnut One LLC to Image Home Development; 113 Chestnut Street; $400,000

James Bonner to Thomas Edward Postell; 401 Waters Edge Lane; $220,000

Shelly N Adams to Angela C Miner; 118 Majestic Drive; $200,000

Mark W Aston to Shane Feken; 2724 South Nansemond Drive; $239,000

NVR Inc to Jermaine Martese Johnson; 237 Republic Lane; $527,920

Catherine Elizabeth Legum to Yunlin Zhang; 3030 Parkside Circle; $520,000

Vernal D Grant AKA  to Remaile Lloyd; 110 Benham Court; $340,000

Polaris One LLC to Image Home Development LLC; 301 Jackson Street; $400,000

Christopher Johnson Jr to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 1016 Meadows Reach Circle; $315,000

Salokin Properties LLC to Lane T Parker; 510 Chisholm Lane; $211,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Sammie Lee Williams; 1008 White Herons Lane; $486,415

Brendan M White to Carters and Sons Furniture Company; 118 Pinner Street; $20,000

Lorelle T Scott to Randolph Copeland; 3342 Jackson Road; $211,150

RF8B LLC to Rita Marie Dixon; 115 Longtail Drive; $383,820

William Abele III to Cullen W Barrameda; 224 Abingdon Circle; $210,000

BCB Realty LLC to Roney L Moore; 118 S Broad Street; $290,000

Russell W Dokken TR ETC to Brandon O Dang; 145 Beacon Run; $451,000

Gerald Osoucheray to Emil Reinwald; 307 Waterwood Drive; $330,000

Lincoln W Johnson to Robert Williams; 1033 Snead Drive; $401,000

NVR Inc to Ebony Griffin; 245 Republic Lane; $535,000

Travis James Gault to Robert B Gross; 200 Hackberry Court; 400,000

Loni Taliafero AKA to Jayant Patel; 104 Graystone Trace Unit 29; 289,000

Rayetta B Diggs to Brandon Lamar Goodrich; 430 Terrywood Drive; $409,900

Brandon M Russell to Dylan Chappelle; 1560 Whaleyville Boulevard; $260,000

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 216 Republic Lane; $185,000

Branhams LLC to C and J Pristine Investments Group; 214 Knight Street; $80,000

David Matthew Livingston to Christopher Lewis Winstead; 5113 Shoulders Hill Road; $260,000