A rad way to stay safe on the road

Published 9:31 pm Thursday, September 23, 2021

Virginia GrandDriver has a new video workout program to help keep seniors safe while driving.

Virginia GrandDriver posted The RadDriver Totally 80s Workout Tape on their website to get seniors moving muscles used for driving. These short videos have a 1980s theme to get moving in a fun and safe way.

“The exercises are safe to do with a chair to stabilize themselves,” said Kathy Miller, director of aging programs and services for the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services. “These are approved by an orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist.”


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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors have spent less time on the road flexing and using muscles often used while driving. These short workouts can help seniors maintain those muscles even when not driving.

“As you get older, there are changes to the body, and these exercises help it remain flexible,” said Miller.

These exercises help with common movements related to driving, including turning the head to check the blind spot, getting in and out of the car and stepping on the brake and gas pedals.

When senior adults are in car accidents, the collisions are more likely to be fatal. This makes it even more critical for seniors to be careful when out driving and do everything they can to drive safely.

“I think people will have fun,” said Miller. “It’s safe to do at home and enjoy and participate and be in better shape.”

The website also has other resources and tips to help on the road with the goal to keep people safe as long as possible. Other tips include checking vision and new medications, being cautious when driving in wet weather and timing trips to travel during the daylight.

“We’re very excited,” said Miller. “The videos have a lot of energy. We’re looking forward to seeing how well received they’ll be.”

Check out the videos, tips and more at granddriver.net.