Commissioner supports Williams

Published 8:01 pm Friday, October 15, 2021

To the editor:

Please join me in casting your vote to re-elect Ron Williams as our treasurer for the city of Suffolk. The citizens of Suffolk are fortunate to have such a highly competent leader with strong integrity.

As Suffolk’s treasurer, Ron Williams has earned our trust. We trust Ron to collect, invest and manage our hard-earned tax dollars in an efficient and safe manner. His leadership has resulted in strong collection rates and has been a contributing factor to Suffolk receiving the coveted AAA bond rating from every major rating agency.


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Ron has proven himself to be innovative and forward-thinking. He led the charge to build the North Suffolk office and to eliminate the city decal. He advocates for improved technology, and has moved many services online, thereby reducing the need for taxpayers to spend time waiting in line. Most recently, he was a strong voice in the decision to end the convenience fee on electronic tax payments.

As a lifetime Suffolk resident, Ron is vested in this community. He gladly serves all citizens fairly and equitably, and is a true public servant.

For these reasons and many more, I will be voting to re-elect Ron Williams as Suffolk’s city treasurer, and I encourage the citizens of Suffolk to join me.

Susan L. Draper

Commissioner of the Revenue

City of Suffolk