David Boyd

Published 5:47 pm Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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The Suffolk News-Herald sent the same slate of questions to Treasurer candidates David Boyd and Ron Williams. You can see the questions and their answers here. Candidates were advised that responses would not be edited, except to truncate answers at the end of the 100-word limit. Q&As with candidates for other elections will run in upcoming editions, so keep an eye on the paper and on suffolknewsherald.com.

 Why are you running for Treasurer, and what makes you qualified for the position?

  1. To improve all transactions for all citizen in the city of Suffolk, VA
  2. Unhandicapped the handicap.
  3. End nepotism job 1. Day 1.
  4. No new position will be created for an employee Childrens
  5. no out college into city jobs
  6. all jobs will be filled by announcement and application to include current     employees.
  7. veterans and his spouse tax are too high and should be based on their VA rating.

Taxes should not be based on the value your or my house. Why pay taxes based on how much its rain. My qualification is as stated.

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What would be your top three priorities if elected, and why?

  1. Get wheelchair lifts installed on both sides of the entrance to 442 Washington street.
  2.   Ensure all clerks have a notary stamp, speak Spanish, and read signs able to assist who ever come to their window handicap person should not be made to feel handicap at the 442 Washington street, at their building
  3.  Shift change for new hire or current all employees who wants it not required only for new employees.
  4.  Citizens will not have to take off work to take care of their business at 442 Washington street shift changes no overtime. If you do not like traffic or have.

What are the most critical issues facing the Treasurer’s office, and how would you address them?

  1. Nepotism. End it.
  2. Upgrade all the job descriptions. Rewrite them
  3. Unhandicapped the handicap.
  4. Proposed Tax reduction for all. Propose tax change

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish in your next term?

All unfinished tasks of this term.   if any!

  1. My plans are attainable in my first term, and I am sure new thing will show up for the second term. Which I will face then.

What is your philosophy in collecting delinquent taxes, especially considering   the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on individuals and businesses?

Do the job elect to do and, consider the conditions which we are dealing with like covid.