She won’t vote for McAuliffe

Published 7:24 pm Friday, October 22, 2021

To the editor:

I voted for Terry McAuliffe when he ran for his 2014 to 2018 governorship. Later into his term, I regretted it. He turned out to be much more eager to fill his own bank account than that of his constituents. I will only mention once his disdain for parent involvement in school/parent interactions. “Parents, stay out of your child’s education decisions.”

Rather than go on, I will refer you to a source that I never accept, by itself, because it is generally written by people with bias in favor of the subject. It is for that reason that this time I suggest we all read it. If it is the best those in favor can say, then we are in trouble if he wins.


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Visiting other sources, I found little to help Mr. McAuliffe’s reputation. One source went so far to embellish his money raising tactics for the Clinton Foundation, and for President Biden, that they related that, “If the Clintons had a son, it would be McAuliffe, and Biden would be his uncle.” It is humorous but not very flattering for someone that may affect my own life. He made piles for himself as well as them, mostly for himself, just like in Virginia. This time, I will not vote for him.

What site have I been writing about? Do a search. Go to the biased Wikipedia report and see what I mean. Three weeks ago, it was fairly revealing and useful for me. Remember, it is written by McAuliffe supporters to make him look good. It fails. Keep looking elsewhere also.

R. Dorien de Lusignan