Police Reports for Nov. 17

Published 5:41 pm Thursday, November 18, 2021

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations.

November 17

Possession of other illicit drugs, East Washington Street/South 6th Street


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Motor vehicle theft, Nansemond Parkway

Natural death, Freeman Mill Road

Simple domestic assault, Oxford Street

Theft from a motor vehicle, Santoro Place

Lost or stolen, West Washington Street

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, North Main Street

Theft from a motor vehicle, Scottsfield Drive

Natural death, Nansemond Pointe Drive

Theft from a motor vehicle, Hampton Roads Parkway

Petit larceny, Camp Pond Road

Identity theft, Barnes Road

Theft from a motor vehicle, Humphreys Drive

Credit card theft, College Drive

Undetermined death, Roosevelt Drive

Grand larceny, College Drive

Trespassing, Centerbrooke Lane

Hit and run, Hillpoint Boulevard

Nonreportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Simple assault, College Drive

Theft from a motor vehicle, Boynton Place

Theft from a motor vehicle, Pitchkettle Road

Hit and run, Holland Road

Brandishing a firearm, Driver Station Way West

Shoplifting larceny, West Constance Road

Lost or stolen, Hampton Roads Parkway

Shoplifting larceny, North Main Street

Overdose, Portsmouth Boulevard