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Published 5:23 pm Friday, November 19, 2021

There is real value to good local journalism. We know, because we hear it from you dear readers, that you look for and count on us to keep you informed about issues in our communities.

As has always been the case at the Suffolk News-Herald, we as journalists take this job seriously and are committed to delivering the news that is important to you.

For generations, newspaper readers got their news printed out on newsprint, which was delivered to their door, mailbox or was available for pickup at a newsstand or rack. Then the internet came along, and most newspapers added an online version of their print edition — and gave it away for free.


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What you may not know is that most of those online website expenses, including ours, were paid for with revenues from a newspaper’s print partner. With shifts and changes in the marketplace, we learned the hard way that business model just wasn’t sustainable, nor did it make sense.

Recently, we made the decision to add a paywall to our website, It wasn’t an easy decision, but trust me, it was necessary.

Challenges facing media outlets have been tough for years. Add to the mix the COVID-19 pandemic, and those challenges became dramatically more difficult.

You can help to ensure that the local news and stories you have come to depend on continue by purchasing an online subscription. For less than the price of a good cup of coffee per week, you can enjoy unlimited full digital access to the website, along with our e-edition.

I hope you will agree that good local journalism deserves your support and subscribe today.

If I haven’t answered all of your questions, please reach out to me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Betty Ramsey is the publisher of the Suffolk News-Herald. She can be reached at