Pass the Build Back Better plan

Published 5:17 pm Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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To the editor:

Build Back Better Plan is a win for all! The cost of medical insurance continues to surpass the country’s Gross National Product.

This has increasingly become a problem for years, with its costs increasing constantly. Over the years, it has caused gaps in accessibility for consumers with individuals choosing between paying for health care and paying for rent or mortgage. The Build Back Better Plan helps to close gaps for people, especially women and children!

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Mothers would be able to maintain Medicaid for 12 months after birth versus 60 days. It would increase access to quality home care and community based care for seniors who need assistance to stay home, and for the first time would require that some drugs in Medicare Part D and Medicare Part B be negotiated rather than pricing given by drug companies.

This plan really addresses issues that will help in this country’s fight against poverty. On behalf of Virginia Organizing, thank you, Congresswoman Luria, for voting for this important bill. We need it to pass the Senate!

Cleo Johnson