Land Transfers for Feb. 4-10

Published 6:37 pm Monday, February 21, 2022

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Feb. 4 – 10

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Allison S Hudgins; 151 American Way; $338,530

Seth Thomas Moody to Christopher R Tegge; 127 Dunbar Drive; $311,000

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Planters Station LLC to Tevin A Stokley; 229 Tassell Crescent; $434,900

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Algie P Hill Jr; 105 Brookside Lane; $439,900

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to John F McManus; 101 Creek Front Lane; $439,000

Robert A Jenkins to Avion Speed; 6804 Edgefield Court; $374,900

NVR Inc to Calvin Lamonte Jones; 417 Patriots Walke Drive; $622,335

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Jessica Jo Telfer; 155 American Way; $348,025

Boyce Widener Ltd to SEan Boyd; 994 Jefferson Street; $266,510

Eric Aho to David Coleman Tillage; 9015 Hillpoint Boulevard; $516,000

Deborah Mann to Kenneth Wayne Mann Jr; 2731 Arrow Head Court; $222,000

Wallace L Pope to Fort Hale Investments II LLC; 519 Lucerne Ave; $25,000
William L Holt Exec to Twisted Branch LLC; 1036 Old Somerton Road; $48,000

Sharon D Elam AKA to Omega Robinson; 4616 Brookwood Court Unit 572 A; $115,000

David D Tate to Latoya Freeman; 1005 Legends Way; $325,000

John J Martin to Art Brandriff; 6848 Respass Beach Road; $200,000

Brenda Chirico to Jason Vance; 8375 Longstreet Lane; $380,000

Vernon Perry to Donald King; 1015 Custis Road; $136,900

Preston L Judson to Kenneth J Crofton; 1176 North Cherry Grove Road; $1,185,000

Belinda B Coker to Nikki Bass; 2705 Country Club Drive; $551,725

Allen Keels Jr to Dustin T Vaughan; 249 Wexford Drive; $210,000

George Boykins Jr to Ayshea Holloway; 702 Battery Avenue; $162,000

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Leon Webb; 108 Sea Biscuit Run; $536,295

Terry Peterson Investments Thirteen to Park 216 LLC; 1002 University Boulevard; $514,296

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Chavon Shelton; 1808 Union Pacific Way; $278,896

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Britton Baskerville; 1807 Union Pacific Way; $275,081

Star Creek LLC to East Coast Development Group; 3386 Nansemond River Drive; $192,500

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Daniels Construction Corp; 602 Battery Avenue; $16,750

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to ARKK Properties LLC; 332 North 4th Street; $7,300

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Robin P Cochran II; Lots 81, 83 & 85 on Bute Street; $15,500

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to C I Watts & Sons LLC; 425 Van Buren Avenue; $8,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to ARKK Properties; 309 North Division Street; $13,700

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to PB Group; Lot 20 Block 6 Saratoga; $13,200

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to PB Group; Lot 7 Block 1 Saratoga; $12,800

Starr Creek LLC to East Coast Development Group; 3382 Nansemond River Drive; $185,000

Jared E Delee to Laura Ennis to 1008 Pennsylvania Avenue; $216,350

Matthew P Sweatt to Mitchell Cannon Jr; 6003 Torrey Pines Lane; $393,000

Philip G Imhof to Desiree N Nazareth; 412 Waterwheel Crescent; $320,000

Tonya L Smith to Parrish Billups; 105 Greenfield Crescent; $235,000

Jimmie J Dickinson to Marcus A Hill; 1049 Boundary Drive; $370,000

Southside Farms LLC to Booster LLC; 100 Torrington Circle; $560,000

Stephen W Kitchen to Katrina Gracie Mack; 401 Beamons Mill Trail; $267,500

Janelle Thompkins to ATGG LLC; 416 York Street; $154,000

Margot Wilson to Pamela R Chesimard; 112 Eagle Lane; $374,900

Dillon Moerke to Kyle Ferland; 3714 Bridlepath Lane; $370,000

Lisa A Hammond to Darrell Bowman Jr; 7238 Arrington Street; $292,000

Colleen A Kelley to Joshua McKenley; 113 Ashford Drive; $331,000

Mary Gary Moulton to William D Wilson; 2865 Carolina Road; $195,000

311 Baker Street LLC to Dominique S Joseph; 311 Baker Street; $224,000

Jones Swamp LLC to Harold R MacDonald; 0 Quaker Drive; $40,000

Jewish Family Service of Tidewater to Donnie M Carter; 302 Schotch Pine Road; $385,000

Everett G Purrington to Hampton Roads Sanitation District; 2309 East Washington Street; $11,000

Joyce M Torrence to Dana Dover; 1538 Olde Mill Creek Drive; $380,000

NVR Inc to Gregory Atkins; 437 Patriots Walke Drive; $498,275

Justin Stanley to Maximilian Xavier Mayer; 827 Haskins Drive; $300,000

Estellle H Wise to Black Tip Associates LLC; 202 Beech Street; $20,000