More of Hampton Roads can plan to experience more “Bo time”

Published 6:08 pm Thursday, February 24, 2022

Bojangles plans to expand across Hampton Roads, including a third location in Suffolk.

The restaurant, known for its chicken and biscuits, announced a multi-unit franchise development agreement on Feb. 16 to acquire five existing restaurants and develop five new ones in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk and Portsmouth.

There is no set timeframe for when Suffolk residents will see their new Bojangles location. The company is still looking for suitable plots of land to purchase and begin construction.


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Suffolk’s current Bojangles are located off Godwin Boulevard and Bridge Road.

This development is part of a partnership with NAKA Capital Restaurant Group, which specializes in owning and developing quick-service restaurants.

“We are excited about having a NAKA as a group partner,” said Jose Costa, chief growth officer at Bojangles. “They are a well-known chicken operator with extensive experience in quick service restaurants and have built relationships with past owners.”

According to Costa, Bojangles has had a strong brand in Virginia for years now. He said the company has a unique position in the chicken quick-service restaurant space, especially with strong morning sales, with 40% of total sales coming in before competitors have opened their doors.

“We are starting with a strong base with some of the best operators in the system,” said Costa. “We are very excited about our opportunities for the future in the Greater Norfolk and Virginia Beach areas.”

With the new restaurants coming to Hampton Roads, Bojangles will look to hire 60 to 80 people per store with around 300 to 400 employment opportunities in total. According to Costa, along with creating jobs, Bojangles loves to get involved with the community. The store often sponsors sports teams and caters community and private events.

“Some of our top-performing restaurants are in this area, so we look forward to continuing on their tailwind,” said Costa.