Library challenge gets folks exploring Suffolk

Published 7:38 pm Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Suffolk Public Library is sponsoring Level Up!, an immersive gaming experience where the mission is to complete video game-themed challenges at locations throughout the city. The challenge is live and will run through March 31.

The goal is to get people into Suffolk and exploring businesses and landmarks they may not have discovered as of yet. There are seven locations: Riddick’s Folly Museum, Bennett’s Creek Park, Oldskool Video Games and More, The Pink Box, Will-O-Wisp Family Game Store and Café, Howard Mast Tennis Courts and The Great Dismal Swamp. Each location is connected to a video game theme.

There is also a mini game or activity at each location. Level Up! is a Beanstack challenge and participants earn badges by completing the activities.


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Each badge is entered into a raffle to win a Nintendo Switch. There is a kit that contains all of the elements of the game and participants can register online to receive one.

Visit to get started and register for the Level Up! kit, which contains instructions and directions to the seven gaming challenge destinations. Then, register or log in to a Beanstack account, where participants will log your challenges and side quests.