Land Transfers for March 25-31

Published 6:32 pm Friday, April 8, 2022

March 25 – 31


BSJ LLC to Eric C Smith; 108 Sea Hero Court; $543,200

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Planters Station LLC to Kelvin G Powell Sr; 226 Tassell Crescent; $422,100

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Dipendra Acharya;123 Affirmed Drive; $560,366

Jazmine Mendoza to Joseph C Silberholz; 245 Locust Street; $260,000

Mitzi A McCoy to Donald T McCracken; 381 Tulington Road; $215,000

Jason D Greene to Wade Edward Bodden; 3319 Holland Road; $219,000

Star Creek LLC to East Coast Development Group; 4015 Evan Circle; $165,000

Samuel D Guster Sr to Joshua Gartman; 230 Terrace Court; $206,000

Trent M Branch II to Amanda Robinson; 718 Hollywood Avenue; $222,000

Edward W Long to Stephen M Torowus; 8225 Harlan Drive; $491,000

Saunora Vann Prom to Mark Tayrien; 1069 Bay Breeze Drive; $340,000

Marcus T Thomas to Allan Sanders; 2045 Queens Point Drive; $325,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc to Rachel Lee Boeshart; 3689 Indian Trial; $489,990

Christopher L Holly to Richard Eugene Stahler TR ETC; 2000 Silver Charm Circle; $320,000

Planters Station LLC to Camille M Hundley Prince; 232 Tassell Crescent; $350,900

Jhonatan Luis Enciso to David M Caverly; 2250 Humphreys Drive Unit 296; $260,000

Katie Resler to Oye A Amenyefia; 4593 Magnolia Drive; $290,000

Roger D Distler to Chaviss Holdings LLC; 8901 South Quay Road; $250,000

Amadeo San Antonio to Jeffrey L Nuckolls; Shellito Lane; $86,000

Dwayne Marquis Godette to Raymundo Soria; 246 Wexford Drive West; $222,000

Kevin R Crum to Richardo Ungo Cahbonnet; 3031 Silver Charm Circle; $335,000

Marietta Winslow Byrum AKA to Wallace S Byrum Jr; 1286 Old Somerton Road; $101,400

NRGC Development LLC to Tamika S Haley; 112 Peck Lane; $408,515

Deshawn Lamont Cook to Daniel James Brown; 127 Brookside Lane; $405,000

Bob R Patton to Anthony Vincent Thounhurst; 112 Seabreeze Lane; $586,000

Mark A Moten to Dwayne L Gilliam; 4014 Ravine Gap Drive; $429,000

Aubrey Odom Jr to Taylor Ann Harris; 106 Cantor Street; $410,000

Daniel Chin to Jordan Alexander Dehli; 121 Tucker Drive; $499,900

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Christopher McArthur; 1906 Union Pacific Way; $282,978

Sabrina J Camp to Hichem H Manai; 106 Wexford Drive; $195,000

ARJ Group LLC to Rachel Cowden; 2806 E Washington Street; $225,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Riley T Castro; 106 Nurney Watch; $326,547

Holt Walker III to Cyril Poiri; 2713 Adderly Place; $428,500

Andrew I Flores to Alexandra Belle Sheets; 1640 Carolina Road; $400,000

Stacey M Sterner to Gandalf Realty VA1 LLC; 6057 Camellia Drive; $245,000

BCQ Towns LLC to Andre Glasgow Jr; 2003 Laycock Lane #104; $347,729

Harry L Sharpe to Benjamin O Garner; 2184 Partridge Place; $1,232,000

Polk Pinewill Builders LLC to Angel Express LLC; 111 South Capital Street; $22,500

NVR Inc to Avinash Daga; 227 Terrywood Drive; $487,990

Charles Deondre Ogburn to Mark William Hankins; 105 Bowman Drive; $460,000

Joshua E Kreider to Caleb A Goulet; 2159 Redgate Drive; $428,500

Kevin F Brooks to Tesha L Boyd; 2041 Longstreet Lane; $500,000

Terrence L Halsey to James Kenneth Lugo; 808 Gittings Street; $280,000

Todd S Howard to Mark Gilmore Jr; 3003 Ravine Gap Drive; $421,000

Terry R Tucker to Christopher Eugene Wilkins; 240 Jonathans Way; $346,000

IKSS Properties LC to BWD Real Estate Ventures LLC; 2003 Made Parkway; $900,000

Latitia Orange Devisee to Let Make It Happen LLC; 140 Pine Street; $80,000

NVR Inc to Grady McLean IV; 433 Patriots Walke Drive; $403,680

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Tracy L Spence; 1019 Paragon Way #A; $419,375

Kenneth A Greenwood to Stacey Myers; 200 Stowe Drive; $410,000

Boyce Widener LTD to Jamie Elizabeth Henry; 1000 Jefferson Street; $274,900

Ainslie Group Inc to Kalpesh K Patel; 1307 Pitchkettle Farm Lane; $972,672

RF8B LLC to James E Woodruff; 112 JonBoat Drive; $429,955

BSJ LLC to Daniel L Dove; 107 Sea Biscuit Run; $434,025

Kirbor at Bennetts Pasture LLC to Columbia Gas of Virginia; Bennetts Pasture Road; $1

George Riefler to Gary J Siatkowski; 5002 Pebble Creek Court; $560,000

Brennan O’Brien Ralph to Timothy Mark Andrews; 300 Carriage Court; $300,000

Pierre J Finn to Vanessa F Boone; 1054 Boundary Drive; $367,000

Michael C Nowack to Richard C Huntsman; 685 Lake Meade Drive; $405,000

AT&K Investments to Jonathan Richard Tromp; 739 Oxford Street; $240,000

BCQ Towns LLC to Andrew Nash; 2003 Laycock Lane #102; $341,135

Kay C McKee to Michael Williamson; 9175 Wigneil Street; $765,000

Harvey F Bryant Jr to KP & Associates LLC; 6061 Bradford Drive A; $75,000

AB Homes LLC to Matthew Joseph Brown; 3257 Jackson Road; $484,972

Polk Pinewell Builders LLC to Gallon Estates II LLC; 208 Clay Street; $80,000

White Marsh Road Trust to Moses Lowe Jr; 1337 White Marsh Road; $314,000

Loretta J Wilson to On It Property Investments LLC; 0 Woodrow Avenue; $16,000

Seazante Williams Oliver to Antoinette L Johnson; 5109 South Links Circle; $301,000

Damon M Appling to Mart T Harris; 6216 Cushing Street; $305,000

Sleepy Lake Development Corporation to Suffolk City of; Cornus Street; $4,000

Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust to Tidewater Investments Holdings; 756 Freeman Mill Road; $102,000