Land Transfers for March 4-10

Published 6:28 pm Friday, April 8, 2022

March 4 – 10

Scott A Wilco to Steven Reid; 2851 Holiday Pointe Drive; $315,000

Pedro Borgespastrana to Angie K Suarez; 1220 Woods Edge Circle; $295,000


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Planters Station LLC to Ericka Windley Campfield; 214 Station Drive; $429,950

BSJ LLC to Damien H Smith; 154 Secretariat Drive; $467,125

LeOtis Williams to Darren Hanson; 407 Duke Street; $235,000

Brian B Russell to Donald Burton; 1412 Teton Circle; $185,000

Katherine L Hammons to Lakiya G Miller; 403 Hunter Street; $107,500

Glenn R Therrien to Steven A Foster; 2006 Dock Landing Court; $360,000

Vernon Ralph Jr to Benjamin Wallace Janosky; 8331 Hudgins Circle; $405,000

Emily Crystal Strohm to Charles Goar; 2246 Humphreys Drive; $247,000

Betty Jean Bagley to F&F Homes LLC; Spivey Run Road; $57,500

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Eartha Cornelius; 1904 Pacific Way; $249,990

Douglas Johnson to Blanca Marina Lara; 1205 FDR Court; $245,000

GS&JD Enterprises LLC to Kevin L Hall; 1170 Little Fork Road; $503,378

Jennifer Wingate Dunaway to Theodore Scott Moyer; 102 Castle Street; $330,000

Michael Jones Heir to Baker Enterprises VA LLC; 209 S 7th Street; $26,000

Laura C Trommer to Anthony Vincent Katen; 6748 Burbage Lake Circle; $376,000

Christopher D Pecora to Andrew Hallock; 3009 Waterjump Crescent; $370,000

Daniel Rodriguez to David Andrew Cooper; 3721 Pughsville Road; $400,000

Richard Chase Rico to Crystal Lorraine Sutton; 7333 Harvest Drive; $580,000

Billy A Gilpin Jr to Elizabeth A Vinson; 4741 Schooner Boulevard; $342,000

NRGC Development LLC to Christopher Paul Anthony Leung; 105 Peck Lane; $384,868

E Michael Ellis Jr to Rex Emmett Lang Jr; 2964 Deer Path Road; $442,000

Herbert C Crumble to Accent Custom Homes LLC; 5925 Bradford Drive; $117,775

Taylor Construction LLC to Terry George Carleton; 103 Affirmed Drive; $498,970

Kevin C Holland to Maryland Lee Ford; 107 Winterview Drive; $490,000

Kelli Ann Brown to James Andrade; 5168 Townpoint Road; $415,000

Wanda Michelle Ullrich to Jeffrey E Wolski; 3003 Indian Point Road; $432,500

Jennifer Boulin to Ligia Ward; 2103 Soundings Crescent Court; $305,000

Paramount Investments LLC to Julius A Richards II; 604 Bravo Court; $247,000

Jerry Malone Jr to Derek Matthew Fimian; 3001 Doncaster Drive; $428,000

Edward P Dewey TR ETC to Barbara Sue Lutz; 1420 Bridge Point Trail; $625,500

Black Tip Associates LLC to Devontae T Hollis; 273 Holladay Street; $245,000

Jacqueline R Mathews to Jessica Hargrove; 410 Johnson Avenue; $45,000

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Danielle N Proffitt; 1910 Union Pacific Way; $259,381

Andre Everett Colden to Rhonda L Hollandhines; 204 Zandt Parkway; $250,000

Erich Jefferson to Cameron M Wisinski; 3030 Kempton Park Road; $385,000

Tonjanieka D Bullock to Jose A Fruz Cartagena; 2012 Nicklaus Drive; $318,000

Brenda H Lynn to Robert Timmins; 3120E White Marsh Road; $220,000

Richard J Goles to Mary Kindle; 661 Lummis Road; $260,000

Bill W Stewart to Garland N Copeland; 114 Northgate Lane; $590,000

DSV SPV3 LLC to For My Future LLC; 6713 Peanut Drive; $35,000

Bailey M Phillips to Mayana Camille Lee Grande; 2818 E. Washington Street; $260,000

Herons Pointe Land LLC to Mey Renovate LLC; 2076 Herons Pointe Lane; $200,000

Robert Bartels to M2K2 Virginia LLC; 5011 Breleigh Lane; $289,000

NVR Inc to Melanie Norman; 244 Republic Lane; $548,240

Jarell T Holliday to Christopher Young; 2109 Piedmont Road; $484,900

Dustin M Clark to Roger Allen McClellan; 260 Barnes Road; $675,000

Carlton E Reid to Latoya C Jefferson; 301 Stonehenge Drive; $225,000

Krunal M Patel to David W Spivey; 304 Ford Drive; $490,000

Steven Gisinger to David Garcia; 5057 Huntclub Chase; $340,000

Johnny Hassell Waters to Rinithia Clemons; 1589 N. Cherry Grove Road; $440,000

Westley O West to Aminatu Omotayo; 106 Quail Run Court; $380,000

Walter R Lamb Jr to Tidewater Investments Holdings; 2473 Carolina Road; $65,000

Ashdon Builders Inc to Lindsey C Walton; 116 Bellflower Lane; $456,910

Matthew B Bender to Christopher Shoemake; 216 Clay Street; $249,000

Jonathan S Blankney to Daphne D Culbertson; 323 Gauntlet Way; $250,000

Phelton Payne to Austin W Reynolds; 4417 Cole Avenue; $410,000

Jonathan B Allen to James Hockett; 4406 Foxwood Place; $424,000

AB Homes LLC to Paul Bradley; 4480 Wise Street; $455,856

Chapman Lumber Company Inc to Gary W Worley; O’Kelly Drive; $210,000

Matthew D Myers to Monica Patterson; 301 Bridlewood Lane; $560,000

Annette Jernigan to Ruben Rosado; 1701 Gunston Drive; $205,000

Linda S Story to Angela N Jones; 5049 Indian Trail; $95,000

Norbert Schewinsberg to Elizabeth Brooks; 302 Carriage Court; $310,000

K9FLIPS LLC to Christian Perkins; 548 Osceola Avenue; $270,000

Angela Fontaine Sanders to Jonathan Blakney; 6107 GardenBrook Place; $557,750

NVR Inc to James Edward Reeves; 157 Declaration Lane; $389,755

Dana D Bickham to Kayla M Sobiech; 816 Teton Circle Unit 132; $237,000

Belkov Handel LLC to Southbeach Services LLC; Corinth Chapel Road; $120,000