New children’s book from Suffolk author focuses on bringing family together

Published 7:15 pm Friday, April 29, 2022

Kimberly Ellis’ newest children’s book, “Zach’s Family,” is coming this spring to help blended families.

This is her second children’s book that draws from experiences in her own life. Her first book, “Butterflies for Rory,” which came out in 2019, was about the loss of her daughter and how Ellis found healing through helping her 2-year-old son understand and cope. In “Zach’s Family,” she tells the story of a multiracial/blended family of giraffes that come together over the birth of the youngest child, Zach.

“There are lots of blended families out there, and I hope they can identify themselves with this book,” said Ellis. “Many people say that a new baby helps bring the family together, which is true because now all of us are related to Zach in the new family.”


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The book will be released on May 16, Ellis’ youngest son and the real Zach’s sixth birthday.

Ellis hopes that her books can give people something to identify with who may be facing similar circumstances as part of blended or multicultural families. Focusing on common topics that are not extensively talked about, she hopes her books can be used as tools to help.

“I hope this book helps kids feel like their family is their real family,” said Ellis. “Growing up adopted, people would say to me all the time, “oh that’s not your real family.” If it is a person who loves you, then it is your real family, even if you make a different family. Families can be different, but what matters is that they have love at the center.”

Ellis was awarded Gold for Best Local Author in the Suffolk News-Herald’s 2021 Local’s Choice Awards. She was nominated by a friend and felt honored to win as there are many well-established authors in Suffolk.

On May 21, Ellis will be at the Suffolk Farmers’ Market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to do a book signing of both “Butterflies for Rory” and “Zach’s Family.”

The book will be available in softcover, hardcover and ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Walmart. Learn more about her other books and art at