From the desk of Mayor Judah Bannarbie

Published 6:43 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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Editor’s note: Mayor Mike Duman recently sponsored the “If I Were Mayor” essay contest for Suffolk middle schoolers. Here’s the winning essay:

By Judah Bannarbie

Guest columnist         

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“Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds,” 

– Alexander Graham Bell

Change means “to replace with something else.” As mayor, I want to show Suffolk citizens how I will solve and identify problems in our community.

I don’t want change; I want to improve. I want people to realize we should not push away the past but build off of it. As mayor, I want the people to know that everything I do is to benefit them. We need to work together to make Suffolk better for the good of all people.

A mayor can’t solve problems on my own. I need the people of Suffolk to help me identify the problems of our city. We will solve the problems by involving the community in problem-solving.

Every city, state and the country has problems, so we should not feel ashamed. Our problems are what help us grow.

One of our problems is the safety of our citizens. We should be able to walk outside and not fear the dangers of being outside. I would like to make it that we can once again enjoy the luxury of outside.

We can partner with other businesses and companies to create a common goal. I think we should drive cars less because it will decrease the number of carbon emissions, lower accidents that involve cars and save money.

We all should be a part of the solution because the result affects everyone. We the people are the foundation of every action in this city. Together, we can make the best decisions for our city.

Many things will need to be worked out but problems do not take away from our city. Suffolk is a great place because of many things like our Peanut Festival, our neighborhoods and the farmers market. The main specialty of Suffolk is the people of Suffolk. We don’t need to change everything; we just want to improve and get better.

So, Mr. Duman, I say to you to do your best as our mayor and continue to improve Suffolk and preserve our past.

Judah Bannarbie attend’s King’s Fork Middle School.