Land Transfers for April 29 to May 5

Published 6:03 pm Tuesday, May 24, 2022

April 29-May 5

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Darlene H Bayer; 1021 Paragon Way #A; $421,205

Judy S Liebert to Pui Pik Sze; 6116 Brookwood Drive Unit A; $118,000


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Nolan B A Ruiz to Karen G Breto; 2609 East Washington Street; $280,000

Derrick Johnson to Nehemiah B Bell; 6708 Glasgow Street Street; $425,500

Janice C Ferry Successor Trustee to Herman G Presson; 4901 Gardner Lane; $414,256

Andrew G Dunn to Susan Bryant; 1345 River Road; $345,000

Edward J Harris to Brett M Wilson; 1007 Darlington Court; $430,000

Christopher M Lightsey to Lauren Nicole Patel; 1042 Snead Drive; $370,000

John Lasseter to James H Durden Jr; 6750 Quaker Drive; $110,000

Suftech LLC to BC Branch Enterprises Inc; 400 Spruce Street; $10,000

GS&JD Enterprises to Benjamin Harris Blagg; 5391 Whaleyville Boulevard; $496,527

Joyce Ann Mable to Timothy Goodyear; 221 Kenyon Road; $300,000

James McQuiniff to Kenneth Reed Creasman Jr; 1490 Elderberry Road; $470,000

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 1027 Egret Lane; $116,000

AB Homes to Robert Steven Lang Jr; 5355 Godwin Boulevard; $558,975

James Nadeau to Alyssa Jo Burrell; 3007 Catterick Cove; $365,000

Cody R White to Amesha R Whitelock; 6210 Amberly Circle; $385,000

RF8B LLC to Anthony R Cosentino; 105 Longtail Drive; $449,590

Eric T Crawley to Mark C Mitchell; 205 Jefferis Court; $310,000

Joshua D West to Laura Catherine Rios; 6214 Amberly Circle; $406,500

Taylor Construction LLC to Christopher E Nitzel; 103 Justify Lane; $486,000

Delois P Copeland to Michelle Arce Gonzalez; 2109 Livingston Street; $275,000

Audrey Lyla Chow to 72019 LLC; 6710 Peanut Drive; $55,000

Steve R Moore Jr to Tomeshia D Fuller; 1317 Teton Circle; $227,100

Bradley J Johnson to Patrick Sean Cassidy II; 213 Jennifer Court; $335,000

Jace Brady to Kim Ellyn Winingear; 100 Woodfern Lane; $521,780

William A Hindlin to Penny Lane Homes Inc; 506 Dumville Avenue; $290,000

NVR Inc to Brittany Whyte; 16 Cecelia Way; $285,889

Virginia Housing and Community Development to Kristen E Cote; 527 Virginia Ave; $140,000

HHHunt Home Hampton Roads LLC to Christopher L Munger; 101 Peck Lane; $461,338

Nancy K Kearney to Sydney Chaney; 119 Dutchess Way; $440,000

NVR Inc to Saravanakumar Chandran; 12 Cecelia Way; $290,000

Nevatheless Properties LLC to Feuerhahn Properties LLC; 231 Chestnut Street; $35,000

Eric J Watkins to Keith W Morgan; 2051 Indian Point Road; $500,000

LV Realty LLC to Mark Rosser Smith II; 1508 Austin Drive; $250,000

Brandon A Yaroch to Joseph Larry Wilson II; 3341 Mintonville Point Drive; $487,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to David Cheng; 25.00 Acres Walden Holland Holly Neck Pond; $40,200

Michael Miller to Christopher Nowak; 6404 Wet Marsh Court; $388,000

Patricia Joanne Kasmark to Andrew Van Buren; 423 Collier Crescent; $320,000

James Sineath to Leslie Judkins; 3732 Arbor Road; $350,000

Matthew W Lynch to Denise I Yeager; 114 Toddsbury Court; $330,000

David T Joyner to Feuerhahn Properties LLC; 101 North 6th Street; $42,000

Richard J Rowe to TAsha Smith Manley; 1228 Woods Edge Circle; $265,000

Thomas M Johnson Jr to Anthony Morande; 1243 Peachtree Drive; $394,900

Donald L Gallimore Jr to kelvin O’Neal Reynard Jr; 2217 Tuliptree Circle; $540,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to Richard J Martin TR ETC; 216 Preservation Reach; $483,000

Hailey Sheldon to Darren K Reed; 216 Kingsboro Street; $265,000

Great Fork Road Trust 865 to Randi Christine Peters; 865 Great Fork Road; $310,000

Rustin C Walters to Shannon Renee Blackmer; 3110 Summerhouse Drive; $895,000

Midfirst Bank to John Albert McDaniel; 247 Holbrook Arch; $360,000

Chandra D McFarland to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 105 Massey Drive; $450,000

Evelyn O’Berry to Catherine Jane Atkinson; 406 Melrose Court; $208,000

Matthew P Pullen to Jordan Nuce; 5021 kelso Street; $450,000

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Anika Vickers; 4861 Sleepy Hole Road; $468,890

NVR Inc to Horace Teja Peart; 304 Declaration Lane; $451,500

Robert E Nelms to Richard Corpus; 6258 West Riverview Drive; $385,000

Randolph Crocker to HLK Investments LLC; 1411 Sierra Drive; $70,000

Daniels Construction Corp to John D Rock; 1840 Carolina Road; $375,000

Devin William Mayne to Ovedia C Parker AKA; 463 Wellons Street; $275,000

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Lester Canty; 1707 Union Pacific Way; $299,534

R Wayne Wills to Daniel W Shelby; 4050 Lake Point Road; $424,000

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Paul Smith; 1021 Paragon Way C; $394,395

James Crothers to Traci T Bell; 148 Stoney Ridge Avenue; $315,000

Shannon Ladage Wiens to Russell Stewart Focht; 115 Rochdale Lane; $411,000

Gary T Brown to Cole Smith; 315 Highland Avenue; $195,400

Joel Bennett to Turnaround Remodeling LLC; 5464 Godwin Boulevard; $130,000

Jodi R Micka to Regan Lovelady; 122 Hillside Avenue; $360,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Richard Allan Baugh; 212 Creek Front Lane; $614,024

Jonathan William Rodriguez to Alex Kendall; 1320 Baltic Street; $296,000

Joshua R Mick to William Hunter Riggins; 125 Woodlake Terrace; $412,000

Olanrewaju R Afolabi to Derrick S Gary Jr; 308 Stone Cove; $320,000

Brian R Gurczynski to Charles F Shaver; 5102 Mariners Cove; $657,000

Joshua P Borden to Paola A Bellucci; 206 Gum Court; $430,000

Rica J Gilmore to Deandre Hunt; 13A Clifton Road; $25,000

Ashdon Builders Inc to Jonathan Polanco; 106 Beautyberry Court; $497,695

Erica G Knight to RSL Homes LLC; 4425 Hubbard Avenue; $230,200

Dickey Harrison to Jacob E Learned; 1224 Woods Edge Circle; $280,000

Charles M Rintamaki to Souphia Ieng; 5133 Bennetts Pasture Road; $431,000

Jennifer B Pearce to Wanda Mourning; 2022 Gunston Drive; $250,000

Lezlie Secunda to Ethan H Aguilar; 417 Hollywood Avenue; $185,000

Christopher Kait Construction LLC to Gloria Grant Solomon; $472,205

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Margaret S Lyon; 214 Creek Front Lane; $616,065

Crystal J Dela Cruz to Bryan J Ortman; 945 Vineyard Place; 4336,000

Lawton Baker Successor TR ETC to Kevin L Wallace; 2555 Bridge Road; $635,000

Joy Latrice Cromwell to Tidewater Investments 3 LLC; 112 Woodrow Avenue; $12,500

Jacob Robert Concienne to Zachary Coppola; 906 Pennsylvania Avenue; $290,000

G Thomas Benton to David M Taylor; 1822 Cotton Farm Lane; $525,500