Another day of infamy in America

Published 8:27 pm Friday, May 27, 2022

By Myrtle Thompson

Guest columnist


This tragedy cannot be ignored. All America should be weeping.

Precious little children, a part of our future, unaware of danger, unable to defend themselves, no opportunity to get away from a demented young man bent on killing, parents in shock, their hands over their mouths, soon possibly thinking of the last kiss, the bit of instructions they gave and now, not even able to give a last-minute hug.

Worse yet, having to identify a tiny body in a shape very different from how they sent the child to school, their little one gone forever, a small casket and a gravestone the next step in their haunting experience.

It is the second time in these past shortened weeks we have heard the age “18 years old.” What about these young males? Were they thinking about what they were doing? Under some influence, unable to think straight?

But that can’t be so. because they made their plans. They had enough reasoning ability to carry out this egregious decision — first to determine a site, in one case a supermarket and in the other, a school. One young man, the decision to kill his grandmother.

And what did he have against the little innocent children? What made him decide to go to where 7- 8- and 9-year-olds were in school? Just moments earlier these little ones were being taught the basics that create a life for our culture — reading or doing an assignment, even, perhaps, laughing, having a good day, each one learning something new.

And then, very suddenly, fear! A traumatic turn the children as well as adults will never be rid of.

There is no doubt those horrifying memories will grow. The pain and suffering will remain alive.

To everyone who prays, please support them with your prayers. Ask God to comfort and strengthen them as they endure this trial. Only He can provide the needed help. We know that because Jesus loved children.

Both a rifle and a handgun are blamed, but a gun is an inanimate object. It is a weapon only when it is used in the hands of someone bent on killing. The gun is not responsible; sadly, it was a human.

The desire to kill and destroy came from Satan, who from the beginning has wanted to take over God’s world. Banning guns will not help the situation; the choice for a change of heart will. God offers new life to all who come to Him.

The Texas lieutenant governor asked for prayer. Millions of people may ask the same question asked of this man, “What good is prayer?” The governor gave a positive response for his personal faith in Christ. I stand where he stands. “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.”

The enormous number of problems our beloved country is facing should make us realize something is not right. We have been given so much, but the discontent continues to grow. We have had a spiritual heritage, but the laws are being downplayed, irrelevant or no longer important in today ‘s world.

I remembered Solomon’s prayer when he dedicated the temple (I Kings 8). It was not a 30-second approach to God. Solomon “stood before the altar of the Lord in the presence of all the assembly and spread out his hands toward Heaven.” He began with acknowledging the greatness of God: “Oh, Lord … there is no God like Thee on earth or in heaven above who keeps His promises and shows lovingkindness to His people.”

This is a king standing before the King of Kings. He asks for God’s blessing, but he also asks for judgment on the people. He asks God to ” hear from Heaven” when they sin, to ask God’s forgiveness and seek His ways.

There is so much more to Solomon’s prayer, all a reminder of our need in America and in our world.

Without God’s guidance and help we humans are not capable of solving our problems. Why? There is an evil power working to control us. God has given His laws and they need to be obeyed. Let’s seek Him for ourselves and for the sake of this younger generation.


Myrle V. Thompson, 94, is a Suffolk resident, a retired missionary and Bible teacher. She can be reached at