Letter – Sick employees deserve compassion

Published 12:05 pm Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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To the editor:

To him who has an ear, let him hear. Many are being terminated from their jobs due to sickness. I write on their behalf.

Companies have policies that are cut and dry, basically protecting employers and little to no protection for employees. Are guidelines needed? Absolutely, such as drug testing, no shows and poor work performance. Employees stay with bad performance, yet people who are willing to work but are sick are terminated. Did I miss something?

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Let’s talk about loyal, faithful people with years of service now terminated due to sickness. These are hard-working people who served you well, bread winners now uninsured with no income. Kind of like throwing them in the cold.

Shame on any and all who dare justify or rationalize the action. We have temp agencies who work well for fill-ins. For every person sick or well who wants to work, there are more who don’t.

Policy says to have a doctor’s note, so you do, but now you are let go due to “occurrences.” Sounds like a loophole Catch 22.

One day we will all grow old and our bodies will slow and deteriorate. Employer or employee, this could be you at the crossroad. How would you wish to be treated?

As you wish your employees to be, be ye also. Lead by good example and integrity, honest and fair. A touch of compassion wouldn’t hurt.

Make the workplace one where employees have respect and are proud of where they work. Employers have a tough job; do the right thing and your employees will step up. Some things are not cut and dry.

If we don’t believe in keeping people working and off of assistance, there just might be an opening at the White House. An ounce of thought.


Denise Saunders