Land Transfers

Published 6:14 pm Tuesday, July 12, 2022

June 10 – 16

NVR Inc. to Keyana Desquza Josiah; 104 Brookside Lane; $450,970

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Forrest Bertomen; 6413 Whaleyville Boulevard; $175,000


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Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Robert E. Robinson Jr.; 1025 Paragon Way #C; $434,900

Evergreen Homes LLC to Sakura Holdings LLC; 1221 White Marsh Road; $85,000

Casey L. Warnick to Ryan P. Villalobos; 318 Bruce Street; $274,900

NVR Inc. to Devyn Brown; 32 Cecelia Way; $285,276

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Andrew Hamilton; 1208 Union Pacific Way; $331,819

My Flipping Life LLC to Stephanie L. Bellflower; 1005 Blythewood Lane; $225,000

Franklin D. Padgett Jr. Devisse to BillieJo Schwendeman; 9016 Parker Store Road; $165,000

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Derek R. Lafever; 1132 Manning Road; $484,500

Mario A. Macis II to Carolyn A. Torre, 510 Waters Edge Lane; $219,900

Gee S. Group Partners LLC to Hampton Roads Sanitation District; Parcel B 1B Subdivision Plat of Parcels B 1 B 2 and B 3 The Point at Harbour View; $479,050

MCQ Builders LLC 2 to Joseph L. Smith Jr; 104 Bellflower Lane; $595,700

Britton Place LLC to Seaboard Enterprises Inc; 9520 Pineview Road; $47,000

Northgate Five LLC to KCS Icebox ORF LLC; 1970 Northgate Commerce Pkwy; $900,000

Born Again Christian Construction to Black Tip Associates LLC; Lot 4 Block B Noth Jericho; $18,000

Kenneth C. Fells to Zachary Johnston; 5022 Breleigh Lane; $315,500

Connor Brown to Henry C. Adams IV; 111 Myava Lane; $321,000

Melvin L. Copeland Jr. Heir to Black Tip Associates LLC; Lot 67 West Jericho; $20,000

Stephen E. Gagliardo to Kenneth Kevin Hendrickson; 2005 Smalleys Dam Circle; $410,000

  1. Wesley Holt to Miguel Casillas; 849 Manning Road; $240,000

Ronald Buchsen to Joshua Dickson; 4649 Sleepy Hole Road; $530,000

NRGC Development LLC to Brandon Misemer; 149 Peck Lane; $351,735

Joseph Schuessel to Sherry Williams; 1647 Wilroy Road #100; $307,000

Brian K. Silva TR ETC. to Mary Kathryn Fashjian; 9116 River Crescent; $560,000

Justin M. Keeler to Edwin Jin Su Lee; 6050 Steeplechase Lane; $440,000

NVR Inc. to Mahesha Muthukuda; 203 Terrywood Drive; $465,000

NVR Inc. to Russell Quao; 34 Cecelia Way; $307,075

Robert L. Rodgers Jr to Tyree D. Banks; 235 North 6th Street; $290,000

Michael D. Lepson to Rebekah L. Libby; 103 Trapfalls Court; $475,000

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Dori Ann Mills; 1509 Union Pacific Way: $273,004

Richard Kirby to Thomas M. Witcher; 1058 Snead Drive; $395,000
Johnathan M. English to Travis Deon Gatling; 316 Stonehenge Drive; $300,000

Kenneth B. King to Crystal D Jenkins; 312 Sherwood Drive; $380,000

Melvin Lewis Copeland Jr. Heir to Black Tip Associates LLC; Lot 60 West Jericho; $20,000

Kelly Barner to William T. Williams; 4048 Godwin Blvd., $100,000

Travis R. Hasser to Daisha Knight; 201 Squire Reach; $205,000

Brandon E. Huffman to Carl Admire; 2861 N Shore Drive; $265,000

Ronald Smith to Whitman Development Group LLC; $225,000

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Lori M. Moore; 1025 Paragon Way #B; $427,445

James L. Bolte to Alexander W Stickel; 2041 Nicklaus Drive; $310,000

Charles A. Baker Jr. to Connor Howe Brown; 104 East Glen Haven Drive; $380,000

Susan S. Jacobs to BGRS Relocation Inc.; 5111 Bayport Landing; $875,000

Willie Green to Veronica Vaughan; 911 Battery Avenue; $249,900

Keith A. Lenhard to Katherine Long; 3930 Pughsville Road; $525,000

Phillip A. Gist to Jennifer Ferreira; 4400 Foxwood Place; $475,000

Mary F. Balsamo to Jong Mok Kim; 5106 Gleneagles Way; $579,900

Revocable Trust of Walter Mitchell to Dex H. Brown; 4613 Maplewood Drive; $241,000

Lou Ellen Bass to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 173 Lummis Road; $415,000

Michelle Marie Gephart to Andrew Effiong; 6034 Steeple Chase Lane; $475,000

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Chaunachie L. Gates; 107 Justify Lane; $581,275

Keith A. Hough to William Sum; 6305 S Sentry Way; $425,000

RF8B LLC to Shelia Ann Leflore; 114 Johboat Drive; $428,537

BGRS Relocation Inc to Robert Josef Evans; 5111 Bayport Landing; $875,000

AB Homes LLC to Christopher R Yingling; 310 Babbtown Road; $497,525

Howard J Helenbrook TR ETC to A&S Property Group LLC; 820 West Constance Road; $315,000

Jeffrey D Gschwind to Christopher Stokes; 1012 Bennetts Pasture Road; $445,000

John D Wilson to Terry N Futrell; 1526 Olde Mill Creek Drive; $440,000

Parkside At Bennetts Creek to Evan J Hudson; 3120 Cherry Hill Lane; $527,202

Anthony S Biggs to Andre L Richards Jr; 6064 Newington Place; $332,000

Ethan Huck to William Strong; 4403 Kendal Way; $446,000

Kevin L. Hecker to Elizabeth Enriquez; 115 Timberneck Arch; $253,000