Land Transfers for July 8-14

Published 7:25 pm Friday, August 12, 2022

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July 8 – 14

Eric L. Arnold to Melinda Andaluz; 224 Locust Street; $251,101

BSJ LLC to Raymond Payne; 112 Justify Lane: $535,200

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Tyler S. Lyle to John Lin; 202 Sterling Court; $410,000

Tay Huynh TR ETC  to Vincent Tucker Jr.; 3005 Jib Court; $515,000

Margaret S. Bogle Devisee to Cody Jane Laurent; 1204 Buoy Court; $210,000

Hastings and Sons LLC AKA to Joshua Morris; 360 Great Fork Road; $375,000

Stephanie L. Smith to Louis Hernandez; 3443 Raintree Circle; $515,000

Jeremy L. Socha to Spencer Jamerson; 207 Rockwood Place; $330,000

Kathleen J. Ellison to Jeffery L. Baker; 310 Bruce Street; $175,000

Crystal Yvonne Hines to LJS Properties; 6115 Hunters Court; $112,345

Sarah H. Gray to Richard K. Roth; 2017 Kings Fork Road; $279,900

Waason L. King to Shannon E. Hunt; 102 Majestic Drive; $220,000

Mamie M. Jones to Angela Yvette Smith; 100 Ryan Arch; $385,000

Myrtle L. Jones to WH Chesapeake LLC; Lots 26, 27 and 28, North Jericho, 1st Edition; $70,000

Gees Group Partners LLC to GAB LLC; Parcel B1 The Point At Harbour View; $800,000

Cody J. Liebeskind to Jeremy Pillsbury; 204 Rockwood Place; $340,000

Hallstead Land LLC to Robert D. Johnson; 1501 Acadian Drive #C; $406,875

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Benjamin Michael Riley; 100 Justify Lane; $542,485

NRGC Development LLC to Jamal R. Clay; 144 Peck Lane; $415,037

David Wagner AKA to Dylan Sellers; 2009 Barka Drive; $375,000

Marissa James to Anthony Samuel Hable II; 1307 Barn Owl Court; $355,000

Jonathan I. Guibas to Cameron Joseph Radloff; 135 Mallard Drive; $256,000

Taylor Construction LLC to Jeffrey Raymond Fahie; 119 Affirmed Drive; $486,000

Douglas A. Wiggins to AB Homes LLC; 5924 Holy Neck Road; $40,000

Robert E. Andrews II to Cornell Jones; 5309 Doral Woods Court; $595,000

Kennesha L. Fogan to Kendra Watkins; 6303 South Sandgate Drive; $384,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Patricia R. Selden Black; 211 Creek Front Lane; $528,721

Hastings and Sons LLC AKA to Duane R Newman; 368 Great Fork Road; $376,000

Bridget Ellen Wick Devisse to Simone Koussa; 101 Highland Avenue; $215,000

MPS Holdings LLC to KT1 Properties LLC; 107 North 5th Street; $59,900

MPS Holdings LLC to KT1 Properties LLC; 640 2nd Avenue; $59,900

James H. Whitfield Jr to Michelle Colley; 2220 Humphreys Drive; $275,000

Pro Sold Real Estate LLC to Cory L Smith; 5816 Hawk Lane; $355,000

Omega Investment Property LLC to New Home Builder Inc; 622 Battery Avenue; $50,000

Omega Investment Property LLC to New Home Builder Inc; 628 Battery Avenue; $50,000

Hastings and Sons LLC AKA to Gabrielle A Earhardt; 364 Great Fork Road; $375,000

Angelo M. Rosati to Zuleyma Lingle; 3264 Nansemond Parkway; $241,000

James Mustakis Jr. to Shana Nicole McKithean; 6300 South Sentry Way; $401,000

Luanne C. LaPoint to Eric K. Anderson; 3370 Pittmantown Road; $265,000

James M. Wells to Eric R. Wartell; 3394 Village Square Place; $900,000

Brian E. Jones to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 6319 Scottsfield Drive; $255,000

Coolidge D Hunter to House Buyers of America Inc.; 9900 Southwestern Boulevard; $108,000

Wirth Holdings LLC to Fatemeh Winczuk; 1038 Egret Lane; $604,472

Quetzy K. Hernandez to Matthew T. Brown; 5836 Bernhowe Manor Lane; $370,000

William English Jr. to Bradley Wyne Baker; 080 Acres Pughsville; $29,500

Deidre M. Hill Devisee to Dane G. Franta; 830 Brook Avenue; $100,000

Otis Harding to Eric Lee Arnold; 2043 Brians Lane; $435,000

John Boseman to Roy A. Vanterpool; 206 River Inlet Road; $539,400

NRGC Development LLC to HHHunt Homes of Hampton Roads LLC; 179 Peck Lane: $488,000

Debra L. Carr to Joseph Samuel Compton; Lot C Resubdivision Plat of Miles N. Carr and Barbara J. Carr; Chuckatuck Borough; $50,000

Pamela M. Torres Jimenez to Jhavon L. Trott; 116 Teton Circle; $227,000

Elisa M. Sobers to Erica Crow; 640 Turlington Road; $180,000

David P. Harris to Ryan Cameron Cowan; 9004 River Crescent; $535,750

MCQ Builders LLC to Kaila M Perry; 111 Bellflower Lane; $589,400

John T. Lees to Trevor T. Richard; 6716 Braebourne Court; $399,900

MEB REO Trust IV to Clearview Homes VA LLC; 201 Charlotte Avenue; $94,900

Gallon Estates II LLC to Gida Homes LLC; 208 Clay Street; $90,000

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Genesis Alina Anderson; 108 Affirmed Drive; $525,995

Tyler Trent Simpkins to Jessica L. Thacker; 9080 Eclipse Drive; $310,000

Ian G. Simon to James C. Jcaobs; 3212 Duke of Glouchester Drive; $341,000

NRGC Development LLC to Kenneth H. Hilton; 146 Peck Lane; $367,597

Ainslie Group Inc to Shitalben B. Patel; 1303 Pitchkettle Farm Lane; $716,227

MaryEllen Scherl to Nicolas P. Burnette; 4021 Holston Court; $267,500

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Billy James Jarreau; 117 Bellflower Lane; $569,521

Tyquan J. Williams to Marvin Mendez Sanchez; 111 North 5th Street; $70,000

Seaboard Enterprises Inc. to David Pritchett; 102A Tree Lane: $274,900

Michael L. Calhoun AKA to Llyod Clifford Epperson III; 204 Lenox Court; $325,000

Ivan Malcolm Davis to Joshua John William Reil; 3508 Fontwell Court; $466,000

Richard T. Barber TR ETC to Onyeji Esther Olisah; 130 Riverwood Trace; $389,000

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Philip M Calvano; 3219 Gardenia Court; $637,471

Northampton Associates LLC to James Lindler; 1009 Strawberry Court; $565,725

Wirth Holdings LLC to Walter F. Manuel; 1021 Egret Lane; $553,916

Edward W. Anderson Jr. to MPJ Enterprises LLC; 401 Linden Avenue; $140,000

Solomons Builders Inc. to Vernon Lee Ralph Jr.; 4821 Sleepy Hole Road; $470,000

Timothy R. Edmondson to Lauren Pirhadi; 3.24 Acres River Breeze Road $180,000

John Dale Currier to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 2021 Mill Lake Road; $416,500

GS&JD Enterprises LLC to Michale Lee Calhoun; 1150 Little Fork Road; $419,900

William English Jr. to Cameron Peake; 1.11 Acres Sleepy Hole Magisterial District lots 7-10, 18-20 Block F; $50,000