Letter – Citizens are pawns for elected officials

Published 7:27 pm Friday, August 12, 2022

To the editor:

“We the people” — a well-known phrase, a once-revered phrase, a once-truthful ideal. Elected officials elevated the people’s will.

Here, Suffolk, dichotomy reigns. The people’s significance is a minor intrusion, a bump in the road for our elected officials. They placate with feigned gatherings.


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We speak to deaf ears — ears that hear that which they desire: the sound of deep pockets promised and jingling purses. Such eviscerates the citizens’ paradigm of interest, influence and official open-mindedness.

The people will bear the highly impactful burden a mammoth project such as Port 460 brings to the community and to all who call the community home.

Finally, in all honesty, I feel if this vote is “yes,” a recall should be initiated. The citizens cannot continue to be the pawns. We apparently are in the eyes of officials. Also, the present mayor or any council member who by business or personal status can potentially profit from a decision should be by mandate exempt from voting. Suffolk has a deep history of biased gains by elected officials.

“We the people” are outraged.

“We the people” are frustrated.

“We the people” will not give up.

Our lives cannot be put upon as their potential proposes.

“We the people” will prevail.

Dr. M.C. Wilson Jr.