Land Transfers for Aug. 5-11

Published 6:28 pm Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Aug. 5 to Aug. 11

NVR Inc. to Whitney Nicole Cotton; 31 Cecelia Way; $285,889

Hallstead Land LLC to Vallencia Lloyd; 1501 Acadian Drive #A; $417,540


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Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Gregory L. Griffin; 101 Affirmed Drive; $533,950

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Xavier Omar Ciena Malave; 211 Veterans Court; $328,925

Darrell. Rice to Raymond Barreto; 100 Graystone Trace; $353,000

Jordan M. Stuck to Donald T. Griffin; 5984 Indian Trail; $107,000

Kimberly A Magasark to Donna Alice Alexander; 1406 Teton Circle; $240,000

Stanley E. Pettigrew to Austin J. Jones; 3545 Desert Road; $375,000

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Durand Coltrane; 1029 Paragon Way #B; $441,040

Gregory S. Lee to Craig M. Schmidt; 5117 West Creek Court; $915,000

S. Thomas Hart to Larry P. Fagan; 2514 Pittmantown Road; $100,000

Preston Moore to Sylvester J. Artis; 2051 Petersen Way; $323,000

Ray Charles Bagley to James Edward Shrader; 5857 Spivey Run Road; $163,000

Lanny V. Mgriff Jr to Annie Mae McPherson; 2021 Freeney Avenue, $190,000

William H. Spiker III TR ETC to Gregory Keith Yelverton; 5306 S Bay Hill Court; $615,000

King Real Estate 2 LLC to Faith In The Word Church and God; 319 Central Avenue; $102,000

Shirley Greene Clark to Double w 757 LLC; 127 Church Street; $43,000

Tahira L. Powell to Kenston Farmer; 1106 Fern Lane; $369,900

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Rawkwan Sentee Birden; 423 York Street; $289,990

Jean F. Jackson to Nikki Desiree Matlock; 5084 Mineral Spring Road; $300,000

Stephanie Anderson to Jameka Gates; 2032 Petersen Way; $260,000

Louis C. Carr Jr. to Micahel W. Griffin; Carr Lane; $300,000

Chelsea L. Turner to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 305 Canaan Circle; $431,200

Charles W. Thompson to Nice Heritage LLC; 111 North Broad Street; $145,000

Wilbert Santiago Pacheco to On It 2 LLC; 2411 Randolph Street; $15,000

Jason D. Weeks to Jonathan D. Harris; 2308 Manning Road; $412,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Michelle R. Smith Mills; 123 Creek Front Lane; $463,702

Russell J. Bauer to Gabrielle Riggins Royals; 2020 Woodshire Way; $345,000

Sharon Holsinger to Casey Michelle Dunagan; 1522 Auton Drive; $211,000

Lorraine James Worrell to Perry F. Worrell Jr.; 3481 Lake Prince Drive; $207,000

James C. Milburn to Chirstopher Drumheller; 6036 Meadowlot Lane; $311,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Hakeem D. Ferrell; 209 Veterans Court; $352,715

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Darryl Benton; 1029 Paragon Way #C; $399,525

Wayne P. Byrum to Bateman Logging Co. Inc.; White Marsh Road – Lot 4; $54,084

Matthew Terris to Keith R. Craven; 107 Dunbar Drive; $329,000

Helen B. Satterfield to Qmani Grant; 316 Fuller Street; $75,000

Toronto Lashon Branch to Sharon Mahon Holsinger; 170 River Point Drive; $210,000

Susan B. Wiliams EXEC to Carolyn Newsome; 305 William Penn Lane; $680,000

Deatira Chisolm to Charles E. Rice; 2121 Soundings Crescent Court; $399,000

Karen J. Drew to Kimberly M. Cole; 1031 Boundary Drive Unit 12; $404,900

Shenandoah Cable Television LLC to Habitat For Humanity of Southampton Road; 124 South 5th Street; $80,000

Robert Ulm to Brian Eric Arnold; 5004 Middlecoff Lane; $405,000

David L. Fulkerson to Gina Kindred; 100 Massey Drive; $420,000

Travis A. Gardner to Francis G. TaTu Jr.; 6408 Yorkshire Drive; $375,000

Deon Drayton to Troy Schaber; 115 Cloverleaf Drive; $472,000

FBV LLC to Nansemond Parkway Self Storage; Nansemond Parkway; $5,000,000

AB Homes LLC to Thomas N. Talmadge; 3954 Vicksburg Road; $569,797

John T. Delaney III TR ETC to Benjamin A. Pestik Jr.; 6710 Lake Cove Court; $415,700

Jerry N. McLeod to Michael James; 2015 Woodshire Way; $390,000

Richie D. Rabell to Christopher Woodlard; 4031 Burr Oak Place; $335,000

Phillip G. Geiger to Lauren Robins; 303 Arbor Bluff Cove; $364,900

Joshua L. Barnett to Kenneth Powell Jr.; 2125 Piedmont Road; $520,000

Jarrod Scott Benton to Evan Warren Spivey; 5269 River Club Drive; $2,325,000

Brian Joseph Rowsick Heir to Stephen A. Sluder; 118 Kristen Lane; $283,000

Diane C. Gossett TR to Steven Thompson; 3106 Ibis Boulevard; $495,000

Truist Bank to Lemonade MM Suffolk LLC; North Main Street; $1,220,000

RF8B LLC to John Hwan Kim; 131 Bowrider Drive; $449,662

Ellis Freehold LLC to Manning Road Development Group; 494 Manning Road; $1,000,000

Dominion Property Ventures LLC to FAC Contractors LLC; 219 Clay Street; $125,000