Surprise Visit from Nut Mobile 

Published 8:29 pm Wednesday, August 31, 2022

By Lindsay Richardson

Planter’s Peanuts Nut Mobile made a pit stop today to surprise workers at the Planter’s Peanut warehouse on Culloden Street. Standing at 11.5 feet tall and 26 feet long, the mobile peanut on wheels is on a coast-to-coast journey to bring peanut love and joy to communities around the country.

Plant manager Tadd Crawford was there to welcome the Nut Mobile as Peanutters “Crunch Time Kev” (Kevin O’Donnell), “Shell-exa” (Alexa Esparza) and “Groundnut Grace” (Grace Tessitore) handed out Planter’s Peanut stickers and packages of Planter’s nuts to visitors and workers.


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The Nut Mobile is the only one of its kind on the road and recently spent time in the midwest, Nashville, Tennessee and Orlando, Florida, visiting different farmers markets and grass roots community events. Its journey today brought it from Charlotte, North Carolina into Suffolk on the way to events in Norfolk for the upcoming weekend.