Letter – Council shows disregard of public’s opposition to project

Published 6:03 pm Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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To the Editor:

The progression of events and expressed thoughts witnessed and garnered since the public became involved in the rezoning issue has been uplifting, eye opening, enlightening and caused feelings one could only label as levels of incredulity. In addition it has become obvious the governmental level of Suffolk’s elected, in regard to communication, with the public and between levels of operations is, at best, a very loosely coupled system.

The most saddening realization of all is the absolute disregard for the citizens comments and concerns if they, openly expressed, are not in line with the council’s wants. Snide remarks and condescending comments have been routinely overheard and seem to indicate a deep divide between the elected and the citizens; a level of arrogant superiority that has no place in a system such as ours.

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To the above, all but Mr. Johnson is the only council member that has expressed understanding and empathy with the people’s concerns and pure frustrations.

Even in the brilliant light of the peoples adaments so openly expressed in words and actions, the levels of environmental, sociological, scientific and economic truth brought forth, the victims of the councils wants and efforts fall on deaf ears, steeled desires, hardened hearts and too self-absorbed and important personalities.

Thus we the people are the point where actions must be taken that go outside the local levels of government. We need to look to agencies that can examine the real issues we are facing without the pridefulness that is a major obstacle in our efforts to overcome the abundity and public disregard this council excretes/expresses.

PS: It seems, no matter the outcome, recall elections are in order. The truth of the elected as our representatives is obvious — “we the people” to them do not count.

M.C. Wilson Jr., Ed D.