Column – Prayers are needed on this new morning in Florida

Published 5:29 pm Friday, September 30, 2022

Knowing how the “other half” of America lives is made real for us by pictures on the TV, but the devastation Ian wreaked on Florida was as hard to believe as some pseudo-science stories.

The weather was brutal. How do we in lovely, sunny Suffolk respond to the devastation they have experienced?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis asked for prayer. Hurricane weather has sometimes made a stop in Virginia, but nothing like this.


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It almost seemed like an omen. Initial projections about high winds and water may have sounded unreal but the forecasters were right on target. The TV pictures told the story of the mangled mess caused by the heavy winds. The body count may never be known. Some who perished may have been “unbelievers,” not paying attention to the newscasts, while others thought they could “tough it out.”

Still others could do nothing and had to remain where they were, hoping for rescue. Now, just one day later we understand how helpless all of us are in an event of this magnitude.

A TV commentator is asking, “What do you need right now?” The governor’s  answer to that was a website for contributions. It was just another of the fine-tuned details and the concern he and the First Lady have for their people. Now it is up to the public to respond.

Jesus often used stories of what he saw around him to teach spiritual lessons. He once fed 5,000. There is something about helping others that lifts us spiritually. That is because it is a biblical truth, often called “The Golden Rule.” Jesus said: “As you would that others do unto you, so do you also unto them.”  The response has been welcomed. The

DeSantis said they have a good supply of food and water trucks moving into the affected areas.

I thought of the disciples in the terrible storm on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus brought calm. I asked God for protection for my children who live in the Tampa area. They were kept safe, I thanked him for his protection.

Some in the media want to politicize this and place blame where there is none. I suggest they read the biblical account about a great flood many millennia ago. The world had become very sinful and was about to be destroyed.

God chose Noah, a man of faith. He told him to build an ark of safety. It took 120 years during which time he also warned the people who no doubt helped with the building of this great ship but did not believe Noah’s message.

I would be remiss to say anything prophetically about this hurricane but I can say I believe God has some kind of lesson in this for all of us. Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the son of man.” His return is promised to us in John 14.

We need to seek him with all our heart, ask his forgiveness and search out what he wants of us so we are not lost in the flood of ideas and winds of change which are currently battering us. The Bible is full of wisdom and truth. God’s love is shown along with his mercy. He waits to rescue us when we call out to him. For that, we can sing praises to him. Psalm 148.


Myrtle V. Thompson, age 94, Bible teacher,  Educator, writer and author, “Living in Villages” and “Visiting in Palaces,” about her family’s life in three countries, now on, and now working on a third book about her experiences in backyard gardening.