Letter – Action needed to resolve traffic hazards caused by new Amazon warehouse

Published 7:20 pm Tuesday, October 25, 2022


Did Gov. Glenn Youngkin really compare getting a warehouse job at the new Amazon warehouse second only to getting married and starting a family in Suffolk?

What will getting a warehouse job at the recently approved Port 460 warehouse complex off Pruden Boulevard be like? Being governor of the great state of Virginia.


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I’d like to invite Gov. Youngkin, Mayor Duman and the entire Suffolk City Council and Suffolk City Manager to visit our “quaint little neighborhood” Suffolk Meadows right across the street from that Amazon Warehouse, situated between the unending (and currently prohibited) truck thru-traffic from that warehouse and many others in the area, and the ever increasing freight trains to and from Port of Virginia that frequently block the free flow of traffic for up to 30 minutes at a time daily.

All of this disrupts the daily lives of real tax paying families with total disregard for our safety and quality of life. We have asked the city multiple times to address the real issues of tractor trailers, dump trucks, cars, motorcycles and all other vehicles constantly speeding recklessly through our streets as a shortcut to who knows where. We’ve asked for stop lights at Nansemond Parkway and Shoulders Hill Road so we safely enter and exit our neighborhood, which has become increasingly dangerous.

We support our elected officials, pay our taxes, obey the laws, and have worked hard at earning and enjoying the little that we do have. All we are asking is that Amazon, the Port of Virginia, and the surrounding businesses in the area be good neighbors and obey the law — no through trucks means NO THROUGH TRUCKS and 25 mph means MAXIMUM SPEED 25 MILES PER HOUR.

When they don’t, we ask the City of Suffolk and the Governor of Virginia to support us by requiring them to do so, which means we can safely and happily raise our families that we already have.

Thomas Rein