Letter – Slinghuff, Brittingham are right choices for school board

Published 7:18 pm Tuesday, October 25, 2022


This year, it is especially important to pay attention to our local candidates in Suffolk. There are a number of School Board seats up for election and it is crucial to the safety and protection of our children that we have the right people in office.

I am writing today in support of Kim Slingluff (Chuckatuck Borough) and Dawn Marie Brittingham (Holy Neck Borough).


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Kim Slingluff is a mother of six children who recognizes that parents have a right to participate in the educational decisions of their children. From her time homeschooling her children, Kim knows what it feels like to be in a classroom and help kids cultivate their love of learning. Kim was a leader in her homeschooling community, helping hundreds of parents and children to navigate the learning environment. Kim has shown true leadership to the citizens of Suffolk.

Dawn Marie Brittingham is a mother of 8 children who wants to broaden transparency in Suffolk Public Schools. Dawn Marie has been a teacher and administrator in Suffolk for many years and she knows what it is like to be a teacher in today’s environment. She is running to help make Suffolk a better place for you and your children. Dawn Marie is a true leader in the Suffolk community with a passion for service and she is the leader we need on the School Board in Holy Neck.

On Nov. 8, I encourage everyone in the Chuckatuck and Holy Neck Boroughs to vote for Kim Slingluff and Dawn Marie Brittingham.

Del. Emily Brewer