Letter – 3 school board candidates should address ‘tough’ questions

Published 6:18 pm Friday, October 28, 2022


Democracy prevails at its best when there is transparency within government and when tough questions are asked to those seeking public office. Below are important questions we must ask three candidates running for Suffolk public school board.

  1. Why are their children enrolled in private schools, yet they are seeking elected office for the Suffolk public school board?
  2. Why should the citizens of their boroughs who possibly can’t afford private school education, trust these individuals to make sound decisions for their children’s public education?
  3. Why is it they don’t trust the Suffolk public school system to educate their children, but want to utilize the public school system for their own political aspirations?
  4. How can individuals who have no personal ties to a public education system try to use elected office to direct the Suffolk Public Schools administrators on how best to run our school system? With one of those individuals, Dawn Brittingham, serving as an administrator at the private Suffolk Christian Academy.

Yes, these are tough questions, but Matt Shannon (Suffolk Borough), Dawn Brittingham (Holly Neck Borough) and Kim Slingluff (Chuckatuck Borough) should have to answer these questions to the public before Nov. 8.


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Marie Hill