Letter – Citizen calls for change in City Council leadership

Published 6:17 pm Friday, October 28, 2022


It is time for a change in Suffolk leadership. The people of Suffolk must make a decision if you are going to continue to let this City Council do what they want to do in this city or start voting them out of office because they don’t care about the citizens in this city and don’t listen to what the citizens have to say.

This city council wastes the taxpayers’ money on things like building a park in the middle of town and a new library that we don’t need. They should be using that money to fix these bad streets.


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The mayor of this City of Suffolk doesn’t care about the residents. He does what he wants and treats his customers at his business the same way.

He has other city council members in his back pocket that go along with him. Again this City Council does what they want like, such as approving the Port 460 Project that the citizens kicked against it. But they approved it anyway.

It is time the citizens of Suffolk to rise up and say enough is enough and vote them out of office because. We deserve much better leadership in this city.

This City Council is leading this city the wrong direction by failing actions. This city only has had two city council members that listen and worked for all the citizens of this city — one was Councilman Curist Milteer (who is deceased now) and the other Councilman Leory Bennett — because the both of them didn’t bend over and kiss someone’s butt.

Thomas Bowman