Letter – Endorsement failed to mention lack of public school experience

Published 6:16 pm Friday, October 28, 2022


I am responding to Del, Emily Brewer’s endorsement of Kim Slingluff and Dawn Marie Brittingham for election to the School Board of Suffolk Public Schools.

Del. Brewer failed to mention that neither of these candidates has ever worked in, or enrolled a child in public school. By hearsay alone can they claim to know about the problems we face in public schools today. And I ask you, “Why were our public schools never worth their investment?”


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To help improve Suffolk Public Schools, you have to experience the life here first hand. You must allow your own children to mix with other children in the public school environment.

Suffolk Public Schools should be governed by those who advocate for all children who grow up here, not for the select few who avoid public school education because of wealth, religion or social preference. If you do not invest in Suffolk Public Schools with your personal commitment of time and family treasure, you will inevitably fail all of the citizens of Suffolk.

One more thing. Sherri Story made a large donation to one of these candidates. Who among you wants four more years of Sherri Story?

If you are really looking for experienced, qualified candidates for School Board, forget partisan politics. Vote for Linda W. Bouchard from the Chuckatuck Borough and Julpenia Hill from the Holy Neck Borough.

Linda Bouchard